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2023 State of the Digital Workplace & Modern Intranet Report - Get the latest stats and trends DOWNLOAD NOW
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2023 Intranet Market Landscape Report Package

Make sense of the SaaS intranet landscape in 2023 and pick the best intranet solution for your organization with these 3 essential reports.

Over the last few years, the intranet software market has undergone massive change to meet evolving market needs. With virtual and hybrid work becoming the new normal, clunky and difficult-to-use internal intranet sites are giving way to more streamlined SaaS and cloud-based digital workplaces. These modern intranet solutions are transforming the ways remote teams collaborate, share information, and stay connected.

While your organization may agree an intranet upgrade is necessary, it can be difficult for internal stakeholders to come to a consensus on which solution is right for them. Luckily, Akumina has compiled this package of the best intranet research available, so you and your team can make the most informed decision possible.

The 2023 Intranet Landscape Report Package provides access to 3 of the most essential intranet reports on the market, including the Forrester Wave Top 12 Intranets of 2022, Spark Matrix Intranet Providers Report, and Modern Intranet Buyer's Guide. 

Download now to get industry analysis, platform rankings, insight into the best intranet software and much more. 

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Inform your new intranet project with these 3 essential reports

The Forrester Wave™: Top 12 Intranet Platforms 2022

In this report, Forrester completed a 27-criterion evaluation of intranet platform providers, identified the 12 most significant ones and researched, analyzed, and scored them. Akumina was among the select companies that Forrester invited to participate in its 2022 Forrester Wave™ evaluation of Intranet Platforms. In this evaluation, Akumina was cited as a Strong Performer. 

The full report provides an analysis and write up of the major platforms on the market and insight into where industry trends are headed.  



SPARK Matrix: Intranet Platform Providers, 2022 Report

In 2022, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions conducted an in-depth analysis of the major intranet platform vendors based on their product portfolio, market presence, and customer value proposition.

The report lends strategic insights on how each vendor ranks related to their competitors based on their respective technology excellence and customer impact parameters. With information from expert interviews, analysis of use cases, and Quadrant’s internal analysis of the overall Intranet Platform Providers market, the analysis provides a snapshot and visual representation of key market participants.


Modern Intranet Buyer's Guide: Choosing the Right Fit for Your Organization

All intranets are not created equal and building one is never as simple as standing up a site and walking away. So how do you know which intranet solution is best for you?

Each option has its own benefits, but with keeping your particular business-cases in mind, you can certainly find the one that meets your expectations. Whether you choose an intranet-in-a-box, a custom digital workplace, or a scalable option in between is up to you.

This guide provides an overview of the three separate options that we see in the industry, and some insight into which one might be right for you.


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