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2023 State of the Digital Workplace & Modern Intranet Report

Gain insight on employee experience trends from the experts and inform your digital workplace strategy for 2023.

Download the 2023 State of the Digital WorkplaceThis fall, Akumina published a survey to over 200,000 working professionals around the globe to gain insight on the latest digital workplace and employee experience trends. We were under the impression that most folks were headed back to the office, when in reality, that wasn't the case at all. 

We came across several other surprsing data points through this survey and have compiled a comprehensive report complete with analyses from industry professionals.  

Digital Workplace experts from different corners of the world joined in to shed light on how the themes of our report play into their roles and organizations.  

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2023 State of the Digital Workplace & Modern Intranet Report

Common themes from the survey include:

  • The Evolution of Workplace Flexibility: How to Best Support Dispersed Teams 
  • The Effects of Mental Health on Employee Experience 
  • Leveling the Playing Field: Equalizing Customer Experience and Employee Experience 
  • Intranet Tablestakes and the Importance of Personalized Content 

Digital Workplace experts featured in the report:

  • Bhadresh Patel, CDO of RGP and CEO, Veracity Consulting Group
  • Jeff Mcpherson, Chief Digital Officer, SilverTech
  • Alex Saunders, Head of Global Digital Communications, GSK
  • Brian Shield, CTO, Boston Red Sox and Fenway Sport Management

"As our remote and dispersed work populations continue to grow and succeed, we can attribute the success of our employees to four basic notions: Trust and Transparency, Communication and Technology."

Bhadresh Patel | CDO of RGP, CEO at Veracity Consulting Group, LLC, an RGP Company

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Key Findings 

From posts on LinkedIn and conversations with customers and partners via Zoom, we were under the impression most organizations were calling employees back to the office.  We thought for sure we'd see the number of remote and hybrid workers decrease from last year's survey, when in fact we saw the opposite. 

With more time to spend on digital workplace strategy, organizations are finding it better for their employees to have this sense of workplace flexibility - the second most common reason for workers looking for a new job, only behind compensation and benefits. 


Last year at this time, we only had 54% report they were fully remote or hybrid.

54% of respondents state they have considered, or are currently considering, leaving their jobs for an organization that cares more about their mental health and overall wellbeing.

Nearly 70% of survey respondents said a UI/UX refresh would make it easier for them to use their intranet.

"At GSK, I lead a digital comms and channels team which is responsible for development of both the intranet and our external corporate web estate. When we relaunched our company in the summer of 2022 after the separation of our consumer business, we developed the new intranet and internet site in parallel. Although the user needs are different for the two platforms, we used the same UX and UI designers for both projects. This enabled us to come up with two platforms which meet the unique needs of their users, but with consistency in how they look and work."

Alex Saunders | Head of Global Digital Communications, GSK

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