3 Benefits of Customizing Your Company's Intranet Solution

3 Benefits of Customizing Your Company’s Intranet Solution

Personalization, customization (or “customizatiion,” according to the graphic above👆), and delivering content in context – we hear about these concepts all the time in the tech and marketing worlds. Everyone wants them, few understand them fully, and hardly anyone does them well.

So, whether you invest in a digital experience platform (DXP) for a website or an employee experience platform (EXP) for an intranet and digital workplace, you take a huge leap of faith and make a big financial commitment, but you end up doing just the basics and inventing work-arounds.

Customizing your company’s intranet solution is the most effective way to gain true value from your investment, building better experiences for employees, creating seamless access regardless of location, language or device, and helping free your dev teams from trying to make “one size fits all” for unique individuals and groups within your organization.

Customized Content for Better Employee Experience

By dynamically identifying users and groups based on their attributes ensures each and every user experience is highly targeted and highly personalized. No more one-size-fits-all employee experience – target the right content, right apps, right language, right region, and all the relevant corporate communications, project management, and tools to the right users without needing development resources to make it come to life.

Create a Seamless Experience for Every User

Customizing an intranet – from components, to pages, to full-blown sites – can seem daunting but with the right solution, is actually easy. By bringing together the right set of components, content, and workflows to create the most engaging experience for every user, regardless of device, or language

Help Dev Teams Become More Agile

Thanks to headless or de-coupled development, dev teams can create best-of-breed digital experiences quickly, employing a development-staging-production workflow model locally, and then deploying to their sites. This gives developers an agile and unrestricted path to better performance and faster innovation.

Interested in some real-world examples? Learn how customizing their intranet solution helped Church’s Chicken up-level their employee experience. Interested in learning how Akumina can help personalize your intranet? Sign up for a demo here.

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