4 Best Practices for Enhancing Relevancy and Timeliness in you Digital Workplace

4 Best Practices for Enhancing Relevancy and Timeliness in your Digital Workplace

Our new “norm” has heightened our awareness of some key business challenges that have existed for quite some time. Challenges that cost the business employee productivity and effectiveness. Ultimately, causing the organization’s bottom line to take a severe beating. Two key challenges I’m referring to – although there are many more – are relevancy and timeliness in regards to accessing critical information, data, communications, etc. within their intranet or digital workplace.

Question (try saying that in Dwight Schrute’s voice 😊): What can organizations do to combat these hurdles to success for the employee and the business?

Answer: Develop a personalization strategy specific to your employees.

“How would one go about that?” you’re likely asking.

I’ll break it down simply into four best practices. Keep in mind, there are many more, but this’ll be a good start for any organization.

  1. Governance – It is critical that when you are building or refreshing your digital workplace / intranet you are making sure that the right folks have the proper permissions to view different articles, information, etc.
  2. Segmentations / “Personas” – Bucket your staff into groupings based on criteria specific to them (e.g. location, role, department, schedule, etc.) to ensure when you set up governance they’re tagged appropriately to receive / pull the right items from your digital workplace.
  3. Test – Testing is critical to the success of any personalization strategy, especially within an intranet. Make sure before you hit “publish” folks will see and have access to the right information. Akumina makes this simple with its impersonation engine, which allows you to impersonate any end user or group to ensure their experience is what it should be.
  4. Self-Subscribing – Any good personalization strategy will include the ability for end users to select some of the content they want to see. Adding this layer of “pull” along with what is already being pushed out to your employees will help make sure folks see content, notifications, etc. that matter to them.

Interested in seeing how you can do this with Akumina? Check out our latest webinar on the topic and skip ahead to the 9:48 mark.

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