4 ways employee experience platforms enhance corporate communications

4 Ways Employee Experience Platforms Enhance Corporate Communications

Internal communications professionals’ biggest challenge is to deliver content to employees that is relevant, timely, and – most of all – read. With dozens of different devices, apps, and communications available to them, creating organizational alignment can be extremely difficult. Adding to this challenge is the relentless pace of a dynamic business. Leveraging the right Employee Experience tools can help you overcome these challenges.

The Akumina Employee Experience platform (EXP) is a valuable addition to organizations’ internal communications because it helps them create a cohesive, highly accessible location for employees to access company information.

Many organization’s internal communications strategies go wrong when they are based on reactive principles. Businesses should instead look to proactively deliver important content to employees right away. The Akumina EXP Persona Builder allows internal communications teams to parse out information by job role, experience, department, and other variables to make sure their communications are not only timely, but relevant.

Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) uses Akumina as a content management system for their intranet and as a way to seamlessly connect to Microsoft tools. The organization found that creating a better way to search for content was a key collaboration driver. When BBBS employees were able to find and filter information, they were able to bridge the gap between their colleagues in local and national offices.

Akumina Employee Experience Champion Church’s Chicken is another company that revamped its corporate communications program using an EXP. The company rolled out a complete corporate rebrand to its entire employee base that includes traditional knowledge workers at corporate headquarters, franchise owners managing restaurants, and individual restaurant staff in over 26 countries worldwide. The IT and corporate comms team established the corporate intranet, Team Church’s, as the “single source of truth for content” related to the rebrand which helped minimize miscues and speed up adoption. The added benefit of the Akumina EXP is that not only is there a single source for content, it’s easy for Church’s to make people content authors and distribute their content.

A common mistake communications teams often make (primarily by necessity) is relying on email as their primary channel. Research shows that the average knowledge worker receives 121 emails a day, which means that important corporate content can easily be lost in the shuffle. The Boston Red Sox had this problem because their technology’s ubiquity and ease of use acted as a negative within its decentralized work environment. People didn’t want to run the risk of not including an important stakeholder on a communication and were instead copying everyone in the organization about irrelevant, mundane activities. It’s not difficult to delete an email but, multiplied a few dozen times during the course of a day, they found that email was a major distraction for their employees.

The Red Sox eliminated email’s shotgun approach by creating a central workspace with Akumina called Home Plate. The baseball team leveraged APIs whenever possible and fed them into central dashboards to make it easy for people to access corporate communications. Workers experience information overload pretty easily, so creating a dynamic central location that is easily accessible to office and remote workers frees important insights from email chains and multiple overlapping tools.

Finally, any modern corporate communications strategy must be mobile-friendly. Businesses must make communications work as well on mobile as on bigger screens. While older generations may see value in longer communications and images, businesses should consider making communications short and snappy to increase the ability for employees to access and digest information. Internal communications are difficult to execute effectively but are vital to the success of a business. Comms professionals can significantly improve employee experience and productivity simply by keeping workers up to speed on upcoming events, trainings, employee awards, and customer wins. The Akumina EXP empowers businesses to easily deliver information to any device in more than 250 languages.

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