5 signs you need a modern intranet

5 Signs you Need a Modern Intranet

It’s a new year, you’ve got a new budget, and one of your line items is “Upgrade the corporate intranet.” You might be super energized by the idea, or you might be totally disenchanted. Intranets don’t sound exciting, and historically they haven’t been. But if this is the age of the modern intranet, and you can bet your MS DOS that you need a new one of those bad boys. Here are 5 signs you need some modern intranet software in your life.

There’s one.

1. A disconnected workforce

This one is universal, but especially applicable if you have a large population of remote or deskless employees. According to monster.com, feeling left out can be fairly common among remote workers. When you’re in one location, and your colleagues are in another, it’s hard to manufacture those moments of closeness and bonding. With an integrated modern intranet platform, your employees, whether onsite of offsite, have collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack at their fingertips. They can easily hop on video call or a chat thread and have real-time conversations with their peers.

2. Updating your current intranet gives you a headache

Tell me if this sounds familiar. Your marketing team has a company-wide announcement to make, so they want to post to the intranet. But the IT team manages the platform the intranet is hosted on (SharePoint, perhaps). The marketing team doesn’t know how to use SharePoint, nor should they. The IT team shouldn’t be authoring marketing posts. So what’s the solution? A modern intranet that is easy to implement, easy to use, and easy to manage. If you choose a modern intranet platform like Akumina’s, your IT team can set it and forget it because it’s so easy to use, anybody can add content.

3. Inefficient internal communications

If an internal communications manager sends a mass email, but nobody reads it, does it really exist?

If internal communications are lacking at your office, whether because your employees can’t easily access the information they need, because your comms team doesn’t have the expertise to post content to the intranet, or because you’re only relying on email, you need a modern intranet solution.

Distribute content globally with the click of a button, without worrying about formatting and design, SPFX code, or SharePoint lists. Your messages are delivered right to everybody’s home pages with minimal pain and maximum payoff.

4. Company culture is lacking

One of the beautiful benefits of a cohesive, well-designed, scalable modern intranet is its unifying effect. When your entire organization is served by a single site that delivers exactly the right content to exactly the right audience, everyone uses it. When everyone uses the modern intranet platform, it becomes the 21st century version of the office water cooler. It’s the digital water cooler. Everyone goes there to bond, to talk, to collaborate, and to learn. It’s branded to suit your company’s colors, mission, and vision; it’s personalized to your role, location, and personal preferences. It’s your new happy place, and everyone else is there too.

5. You’re planning for the future

The right modern intranet is more than just an internal site. It’s the foundation of your entire employee experience strategy. Start by building an intranet, then add integrations, develop a mobile app, and before you know it, you’ve got a customized, full-service employee experience platform.

When you’re ready to invest in your modern intranet and beyond, give us a call, and we’ll connect you with an expert.

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