A Collection of Best Practices for Working from Home

A Collection of Best Practices for Working from Home

Working from home is kind of a polarizing topic, right? Some people love it, some people hate it. I fall squarely in the second camp. I’m a bit of an introvert, so you would think that remote work would be a great fit for me. But it turns out that I do my best work when I can collaborate with my teammates in person. I also take comfort in the presence of others, even if I don’t interact with them. (Is that weird? Fellow introverts, please weigh in here.)

Anyway, I thought I’d gather some of my teammates’ advice and share it with you. So, here goes.

Alex Detweiler is the queen of creating a dedicated workspace, with this quiet, comfortable area where she does her best work.

-Alexandra Detweiler, via LinkedIn

Fellow Akuminite Matt Sullivan has some cheeky (yet valuable) advice.

-Matt Sullivan, via LinkedIn

VP of Marketing Michael Scott did his research. He went straight to an expert for advice about working from home. Listen to his chat with digital workplace industry thought leader Steve Bynghall.

-Michael Scott, via LinkedIn

Personally, my number one best practice when working from home is: Connect with your teammates as frequently as possible.

Here at Akumina, we primarily use Microsoft Teams and Slack while working from home. There are lots of other tools out there for you as well. (Check out this list from Zapier for inspiration.)

So, if you haven’t already, phone a friend, share a laugh, and put your heads together to crush your work projects. If you need a little help, give us a shout. We’re here for you.

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