Akumina President: We're All In This Together

We’re All In This Together

Brave, strong, altruistic. Those are the words I’ve heard (and used) to describe those on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic. Firefighters, police officers, nurses, mail carriers, grocery store clerks, pharmacists, elder care givers… the list of heroes goes on.

Powerless, frustrated, sad, anxious. Those are the words I’ve heard to describe how friends and family not on the front lines are feeling right now. We’re told again and again that our job is to stay home. We know that limiting contact with others is helping stop the spread of the virus. But many of us feel like we should do more; like what we’re doing is not enough.

Recently, we heard from some amazing Akumina customers, who wanted to thank US (can you believe it?) because our platform has helped them better communicate with, inform, and care for their employees.

Their kind words restored our conviction. They reminded us that our platform is helping their employees do better every single day. They reminded us that they are feeling much the way we’re feeling right now. Even though a transformational modern Intranet is not a ventilator or hand sanitizer (not even close, actually), it’s a small piece in a larger puzzle, and it’s making a difference.

No, we’re not saving lives. But we’re supporting our customers, our families, our businesses, and our communities through this most interesting journey.

I hope this video reinforces your faith that you’re important right now, because every contribution we can make, however insignificant, matters.

From my family, and our entire Akumina family, stay safe and be well.


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