Akumina Employee Experience Champion: Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox: An Akumina Employee Experience Champion

Just like hitting streaks and rally beards, the staff at Fenway Park comes and goes. The Boston Red Sox organization employs more than 1,000 people, many on their feet in front-line, customer-service capacities during games, concerts, and functions. But when the season ends, the workforce shrinks to 350 administrative or knowledge workers during the offseason.

The Red Sox needed to create a personalized, mobile digital workplace to meet that wide range of employee experiences. A seasonal employee in charge of entertaining and informing visitors during park tours has different needs than a Human Resources representative monitoring benefits and PTO requests. Brian Shield, CIO of the Boston Red Sox, was up for the challenge.

Brian and his team implemented the Akumina Employee Experience Platform with the goal of bringing employees together under a single system where they can share and access information. The result was Home Plate, the Red Sox franchise’s digital workplace. Here are some of the benefits the Red Sox team has seen since its launch, more than four years ago.

Informed Employees

With Home Plate, every employee in the Boston Red Sox workforce has access to the most important information for them. On any given day, any Red Sox employee can log in to Home Plate and see a calendar of events, their personal daily tasks, even the cafeteria menu. Those who are onsite during a game can see real-time game feeds and fun facts to share with fans. It’s everything they need and nothing they don’t, in a single location.

Improving Employee Experience

Productivity and Fan Satisfaction

According to Shield, a primary goal and how he viewed return on investment (ROI) in implementing Home Plate was to help his employees make important business decisions. The quicker and more informed the decision, the more efficient everyone could be.

A key indicator of employee productivity is fan satisfaction, and Shield is motivated to improve both with Home Plate.

Driving Return on Investment Through Employee Productivity and Fan Satisfaction

As the Red Sox employee base grows and matures, so should Home Plate. Shield has big plans moving forward, including the ability to identify employees’ locations around the park, a native capability to the Home Plate mobile app, and a more granular approach to getting the right information to both gig and full time employees.

With Akumina, the Red Sox met their goals of connecting and informing employees, productivity soared, and the Akumina EXP has proven to have the flexibility needed to meet evolving changes within the organization.

To Brian Shield and the Boston Red Sox, we offer our congratulations on being named an Employee Experience Champion and best of luck in your upcoming season.

Red Sox Digital Workplace Journey and Goal

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