Building a digital dashboard on SharePoint with Akumina

Building a Digital Dashboard on SharePoint Intranet

SharePoint intranets do not have to be static, generic, clunky, and hard to navigate! I’m serious. SharePoint intranets can be dynamic, personalized, and easy to use. This is important because employees crave this type of experience and employers benefit when it is done right from a productivity standpoint. Truth is, most employers aren’t able to do it. At least not currently. And that undoubtedly can be hurting their bottom line. 

However, with intranet platforms built on SharePoint, like Akumina, you can deliver that experience by integrating M365 applications such as Teams with any non-Microsoft apps such as ServiceNow and/or Workday. Moreover, you can tailor the experience to the employee. Remember a key point is it’s not just about having all this data and all these applications connected. It’s about how you display them to your employees. These should then be displayed in a centralized, single pane of glass digital dashboard. That dashboard should give your employees the ability to consume information and to access/see applications relevant to them based on a set of criteria (e.g. location, role, seniority, security clearance, etc.).   

Check out this short 2 minute Digital Workplace Minute video to see how your peers have been able to accomplish this: 

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