digital workplace for remote and frontline workers

Building a Digital Workplace for Frontline and Remote Staff

I have a confession to make. When I was in high school, I was… a GAP girl. Even worse, I actually loved working in retail. I went on to work at several other stores in my local mall, and I really enjoyed each place.

Being the self-centered teen that I was, though, I barely paid attention to the work my managers were putting in. But now I realize all that they had to think about and plan for. They were building staff schedules, ordering products, checking inventory, and reconciling financials.

Back in the day, they had one desktop computer in the back room and a clip board on the sales floor. The combination of which added up to less time on the floor with customers, more time holed up in an office cross-referencing data from 17 siloed systems.

Present day retail employees, rejoice! Now, hardware technology like mobile phones and tablets makes it easy to take your work back to the sales floor. But the real value add is the employee experience platform software like Akumina’s that combines your siloed systems and clip board files into a single streamlined productivity dashboard.

Check out the video below, created by Akumina’s Matt Sullivan to see how a single-pane-of-glass view can get your retail business booming.

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