Building a digital workplace with Modern SharePoint and Akumina

Building a digital workplace with Modern SharePoint and Akumina

Have you considered the best way to build a true digital workplace leveraging Modern Sharepoint?

It feels like every home makeover show on television is a cautionary tale about building on a shaky foundation. Right? I mean, you’ve got the couple wants to put on an addition, but it turns out their electrical system has shoddy wiring. Or the family of 7 who needs another bathroom, but the previous owners’ DIY plumbing is completely out of code. Budgets are broken, and chaos ensues.

The point I’m trying to make here is that anything you build is only as good as the structure that holds it up, or what I like to call “the three little pigs rule.” A house of bricks can stand up to a whole lot more than a house of straw.

Enter: Modern SharePoint. Modern SharePoint, Classic SharePoint’s younger, cooler brother, who everyone likes better, is the SharePoint equivalent of a house of bricks. It’s user-friendly, it’s mobile-responsive, and it’s highly-performant. Plus, it’s backed by Microsoft for the foreseeable future, so you know you’re going to receive support in the long run.

Modern SharePoint is the perfect foundation for your Akumina-powered digital workplace.

The combination of Modern SharePoint+Akumina’s EXP allows you to take advantage of Modern’s innovation, plus Akumina’s complete design control, additional out-of-the-box components, a true enterprise-class content management system that lets you easily reuse and repurpose your content, and a native mobile app branded for your business. Plus, your security team will be thrilled with Modern’s enhanced security and GDPR Akumina, which doesn’t store any of your data.

Modern SharePoint is the obvious choice for your intranet foundation – quite frankly, it is the best digital workplace ‘plumbing’ available in the market. By combing Modern with the Akumina Employee Experience Platform, you can help future-proof your investment and make the most of it throughout the entirety of your business’ lifetime. 

To hear Microsoft’s perspective on the Modern SharePoint experience, Akumina’s EXP, and the overall state of the digital workplace, listen to the webinar we co-sponsored with Centric Consulting. Microsoft MVP and SharePoint expert Sean McDonough offers his insight and recommendations for building a digital workplace on a Modern foundation that can stand the test of time, and any renovation you throw at it.

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