Building a "First Stop Shop" Sales Dashboard

Building a “First Stop Shop” Sales Dashboard

When I say the word “intranet,” what do you think of? A page of internal links? A site where you go to find corporate news?

Most people think along those lines. To many, an intranet is a tool that communications teams and HR use to distribute information about benefit enrollment, PTO requests, facility updates, and messages from leadership.

While all of those things are important, there are additional features that can take a plain Jane intranet into something more meaningful and useful.

Akumina Regional Director Matt Sullivan is no stranger to the world of a sales rep. Juggling multiple prospects, remembering which marketing collateral each contact needs to see, keeping track of KPIs, and scheduling travel; all of those things factor into his daily life.

Enter: the Akumina Sales Dashboard. Using Akumina widget technology, Matt was able to build a page with all of the information he needs to see throughout his day.

Take a look at the Digital Workplace Minute video below 👇 to learn how your Sales team can benefit from a Sales dashboard, individualized for each of your sales reps. And give us a shout for a personalized demo!

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