Church's Chicken is named an Employee Experience Champion by Akumina, the worldwide leading employee experience platform organization.

Church’s Chicken: An Akumina Employee Experience Champion

One of the joys of working with organizations who want to invest in their employees is getting to see what they build with our software. This month, we’re really excited to shine a spotlight on Church’s Chicken and the work they’ve done in implementing their intranet, Team Church’s.

Church’s Chicken is a global quick service restaurant (QSR) with franchises in over 26 countries worldwide. Their employee base includes traditional knowledge workers at corporate headquarters, franchise owners managing restaurants, and individual restaurant staff.

As you can imagine, there are a lot of moving pieces to think about when building an intranet that can serve all of those employee groups, and serve them each well. Justin Alemazkour and Allyson Otey were up for the challenge.

Together with their respective teams, they used the Akumina Employee Experience Platform to build Team Church’s. Here are some of the benefits they’ve seen since its launch.


Since its implementation, Alemazkour estimates that intranet engagement has vaulted from 20% to more than 80%. Church’s Chicken employees are actually using the site, and increasing their productivity because of it. One of the reasons for this increase, Alemazkour surmises, is that the global reach of Team Church’s has allowed employees to recognize each other in a very public way. He noticed that people were more likely to sign on to use Team Church’s because they knew that their neighbor or their friend was being honored for an achievement in the space.


You can probably imagine that, in any sort of franchise-based organization, collaboration between the separate entities is difficult. Just a few months ago, we shared the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America story. BBBS is using the Akumina EXP for knowledge management between franchises.

Otey noticed a similar use case for Team Church’s, and on an even larger scale. Since its rollout, collaboration has been much more open from corporate to franchises, franchises to corporate, and franchise to franchise. This level of communication and collaboration was critical as Otey’s Internal Communications team launched a corporate re-brand. In part due to their effective use of the Akumina EXP, the re-branding effort went smoothly and was rolled out across the entire Church’s organization, including all franchises and restaurants.

Content management

One of the primary benefits of a modern intranet is its ability to be the single source of truth for content. The added benefit of the Akumina EXP is that, not only is there a single source for content, it’s so easy to create and distribute that it’s possible for any employee to own their own content. Alemazkour estimates that it takes the average Church’s licensee only an hour to become a content author or site admin.

The result is a solitary location for all content – it no longer exists in email chains and multiple overlapping tools.

So what’s next for Team Church’s? Both Alemazkour and Otey are committed to growing the knowledge base of their employees and franchisees, and continuing to empower them to use Team Church’s to its full potential.

Onward and upward, Church’s Chicken, and congratulations on being named an Akumina Employee Experience Champion!

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