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Employee Experience: Think Big, Start Small, Act Fast

2020 has shown us that digital transformations needs to be a priority. Most of us were thrust into new, unfamiliar working environments. Some organization were more ready than others. With that said, the goal remained the same: Ensure your staff has the right employee experience to be effective and productive in their roles.  
For many, a modern intranet / digital workplace is a gateway to achieving those goals. The challenge, is what should the strategy be and where do we begin? 

Identifying your MVP 

Set your objectives and goals for your digital workplace. What does it need to include and what does it need to look like? What is necessary for a successful launch? 

Identifying key stakeholders  

Don’t wait to kickstart a project and then retroactively identify who needs to be involved. Find the right people early on so you can get their input right away and not have to back track or re-do work because their input wasn’t gathered. 

Building a plan of action  

Set the steps that will lead you to your MVP. What milestones do you have to hit? Who owns what? Key dates? Etc. 

Key integrations to consider  

Identify what tools are used across your organization and which ones absolutely have to be a part of your MVP to ensure employees are getting what they need out of your/their digital workplace. 

Launching your digital workplace 

Seems simple and it can be if you followed all the steps above. By including each step in your process, you’ve ensured everyone who should be involved was, the right plan of action was built which lead you to this point, and all applications and tools that employees will need are included in your digital workplace. The result, a centralized hub of information, content, collaborators and applications, ensuring your organization’s employee experience is a productive one! 

For more information on Employee Experience Platforms check out our guide.

Interested in learning more, watch our on-demand webinar, THINK BIG, START SMALL, ACT FAST or request time for a one-on-one demonstration with an expert. 

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