HR and IT partnering for EX success

Future Trend: The HR/IT Amalgamation

Once Upon a Time…

Back when I was a technical writer, a good portion of my job required me to work closely with our engineering team. They’d explain how different features behaved, and walk me through the product.

During one of those meetings, I remember saying something about how complex a new feature was. I thought maybe the engineer and I could commiserate a bit. Instead, she looked me dead in the eye and said, “Well you just have to write about it. I actually have to make it work.”

After I picked my jaw up off the ground, I had an epiphany. This person had no idea about the value of partnership in the workplace. She wasn’t mean-spirited or rude at all; she was just a product of her environment. She had the “you do your job, I’ll do mine” mentality. That’s just how things were, and how they’d always been.

Cut to Today

Fast forward 10 years, and the experts are very consistently talking about breaking down silos. We hear about the best way to build a collaborative work environment, software applications designed to enhance teamwork, and there’s even an entire Gartner conference dedicated to collaboration in the workplace. (We’ll be there, by the way. Check us out at booth #218!

In terms of employee experience, we’ve begun to see a partnership emerge between two organizations with the biggest stake in employee culture at their organizations: HR and IT. Organizations like ING and Church’s Chicken are taking a page from Josh Bersin’s handbook and building a dream team of high-tech, human-focused superheroes.

The New Power Couple

Consider an HR professional at a large, multi-national manufacturing organization. He works with employees who crunch numbers on the Finance team, employees who speak at public events, employees who travel 75% of the time, and employees who assemble equipment on the manufacturing floor. If you asked him what his employees need, he would tell you that they need a simplified onboarding process that employees can easily follow and complete. He knows that his employees want to get through onboarding as quickly as possible, and that the more intuitive the process, the easier everyone’s life is. In short, he knows his workforce, his industry, and the experience he wants to build.

His counterpart in IT, on the other hand, manages the systems that the HR team uses. She knows which tools are most frequently used, which tools are most troublesome, and which tools can integrate with one another. She also happens to know about a feature in one of the systems that allows a user to build a workflow, guided by simple-to-write rules. Without her friend in HR, she would never see the practical application to the onboarding process. Without his friend in IT, our HR rep wouldn’t have known about the feature at all.

“HR leaders know what associates expect, and they know what kind of associate experience they want to create. But they don’t always know what kind of solution they need. This is where the CIO can become one of their most valued colleagues.”

Sreeni Kutam, Chief Human Resources Officer at ADP

Individually, HR and IT can create an acceptable onboarding experience for their team. Together, though, they can really make a difference.

So get ahead of everyone else. Build those cross-functional relationships, and make your best technology work for your best asset: your workforce. Grab a demo of the Akumina EXP today, and see what we can build together.

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