Giving Employees What They Want; Not as Tricky as You’d Think

Employees Want a Digital Workplace

We keep hearing about how organizations are trying to create “9-5” work experiences that reflect their employees “5-9” experiences. To be clear, companies are trying to mimic the personalized elements of that experience in a digital workplace. Tough part is, where to even begin? 

Start small and simple. Consider the actual employees. What do they NEED and WANT? Often organizations over or under think what to include in their staff’s digital experience, leading to too much digital noise or not enough information to help employees to be effective in their jobs. Each employee is different too, of course.  

Relevancy is and always will be king/queen. Figure out how you can provide that to your employees through push and pull methods of information, content, and communication distribution. This will ensure each and every employee has access to what they’re looking for or should have access too. 

Mind you, please take the time to ensure everything is available any time, anywhere and on any device. Most employees do not work behind a desk all day, even the ones in the office. And it’s not enough to just have a mobile version of your digital workplace site; make sure it’s responsive and tailored to be used specifically for mobile. 

Finally, I want to circle back to the word “simple.” Keep your digital experience and digital workplace simple. What I mean by that is, keep it simple for your users. Deliver it on a single user interface that connects the tools they use. That would include M365 (especially Teams), along with other 3rd party solutions like a Workday, ServiceNow and other that are used daily by your staff. 

Check out the video below to see how Akumina customers are able to do all of this. 

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