Church's Chicken is named an Employee Experience Champion by Akumina, the worldwide leading employee experience platform organization.

A Modern Intranet in the Restaurant Industry

Founded in San Antonio, Texas in 1952 by George W. Church, Church’s Chicken® is one of the largest global quick-service restaurant chicken chains in the world. Church’s®, with more than 1,700 locations in 24 countries and is the fourth largest chicken restaurant chain in the world. Do you see why such they needed a modern intranet?

As a global brand, internal communication is vital to the success of Church’s Chicken. The old Church’s intranet site – called Team Church’s – was outdated and was not visually appealing, adding value or functionality. With adoption of the old platform dropping the team looked for a new solution that could house resources, showcase success stories and recognition, share information and help employees better engage with one another. It was time they upgraded to a modern intranet.

Church’s chose the Akumina Employee Experience Platform (EXP) to provide a user-friendly tool that was easy to navigate, visually engaging, accessible, mobile, and housed all their most relevant content. With Akumina, the team was able to maximize their Office 365 environment and expand the Team Church’s audience beyond corporate employees to domestic and international franchisees, franchisee restaurant leadership, franchise restaurants, and corporate restaurants – all in one modern intranet.

The new Team Church’s site now lives on a modern intranet, branded platform that features organized content and an exceptional user experience for staff and employees to easily get to the information most relevant to them.

“We know that we have reached our goal when our franchisees are telling us how helpful and effective Team Church’s is to them,” shares Church’s Chicken CEO, Joe Christina, about Church’s modern intranet. “Team Church’s was originated to assist with daily functions to make workflow more efficient. It is rewarding hearing our franchisees share in the excitement and express their interest in the project’s success. This is a true testament to measuring our engagement and overall satisfaction with the platform.”

Working with Akumina and Microsoft Office 365 and Sharepoint, Church’s created a world-class employee experience platform. To learn more about how your organization can use Akumina to build a modern intranet, contact us today for a free custom demo.

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