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How to Change the Way you Motivate Frontline Workers

Organizations of all sizes know that an engaged, appreciated and cohesive workforce directly contributes to organizational success. What’s less understood is how to ensure these things apply to each of the unique groups within the workforce – including frontline workers.

Frontline workers’ daily activities and workflows tend to be time- and task-centric, requiring different technology than knowledge workers. Since frontline workers are typically interacting with customers during their entire shift, it’s important to understand how to properly motivate them. Here are some methods we’ve seen our clients use to keep frontline workers engaged and at the top of their game:

1. Treat Your Frontline Workers Like Customers

Transactional digital experiences don’t cut it for frontline workers, who need a unique set of tools and support to do their job effectively. When thinking about how to motivate frontline workers, think about the customer. Companies know their customers’ needs, wants, preferences and dislikes and the same approach should be applied to frontline workers. Companies should support these employees with a highly personalized employee experience solution that allows them to play the role of an employee in a specific job and location to see how the personalization is working, where improvements must be made, and basically walk a mile in their employees’ shoes. If you treat your employees like you treat your customers, you’ll have a more engaged and productive workforce, better products and service and – as a bonus – more satisfied customers.

2. Make your company task-centric, not app-centric

For frontline workers – and all employees, in general – moving quickly is imperative and being forced to use multiple applications to complete tasks is a recipe for frustration. The Boston Red Sox are a great example of how to simplify the digital experience. Using Akumina, Fenway employees faced with customer questions they don’t know the answer to can enter them in their Home Base app and pull the answer from a database of content.  It’s simple, easy, and unequivocal focus on the employee experience that greatly enhances the fan experience.  

Reducing the task-to-tool ratio through an employee experience platform provides a single pane of glass experience so that frontline employees can access and use all the tools they need within a single application. 

3. Emphasize the moments that matter

The opportunity for motivating frontline workers starts at day one. This is when the organization has an opportunity to demonstrate just how well it’s going to support their new employees. Ensuring that all the materials they need for their role are quickly accessible, organized, and targeted will help a new employee feel empowered and energized.

From there, multiple opportunities to create ‘Wow!’ moments for employees that matter will arise – from keeping the “human” in human resources and all the moments in between, keeping frontline workers feeling included and supported is a way to set them up to succeed.

Still struggling to motivate your frontline workforce? You’ve come to the right place. Contact us today for a free demo of how Akumina’s Employee Experience Platform can support your frontline workers.

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