How to Maintain Consistent Communication with Employees

How to Improve Employee Engagement & Communication

There’s a reason old-fashioned, traditional intranets become underused, even abandoned, and cause employee engagement to suffer. Who wants to struggle with complex technology when email is an easier choice? Who wants to visit an intranet site that’s boring and just looks like SharePoint? Spoiler alert: Nobody. Nobody wants that.

But the fact is, organizations need to be able to distribute information to their employees. Now, especially, when the whole planet is preoccupied with COVID-19, communication is critical. Employees crave contact with their leadership teams, and when the line of communication is open, everyone feels more secure.

But here’s the thing. Developing and delivering regular messages can be time-consuming (for both the distributer and the consumer).

Consider this Scenario

You work at a food service organization (Church’s Chicken, perhaps?) with multiple locations worldwide. You’ve got a corporate office and franchises across the globe. The rules of operation differ vastly at each location, and you need to inform every employee of all of the rules they need to follow. This is not the time to take the chance that everyone will read their email.

With a digital workplace powered by Akumina, you can quickly and easily deliver personalized messaging to each user in defined segments. Ultimately increasing employee engagement.

So someone who works in an office hears about the 2-people-per-elevator-car limit.

The employee who works in a restaurant hears that patrons need to stand 6 feet apart when ordering, and gloves need to be changed for each customer.

The custodian who lives in New Hampshire but works in Massachusetts hears that masks are not required in NH, but they are in MA, and he needs to wear one when he arrives at work.

Sound complex? It doesn’t have to be.

With Akumina’s content management system (AppManager), you can easily create a single communication, clone it for editing, and send any of them to any group of users. No technical or design expertise required.

In the end, to each employee, the messages look the same – they’re branded to your organization’s specifications, and they live in the same place, so everyone knows where to find them.

To see what I mean, check out this video by Akumina Senior Product Consultant Cory Hubbard. Then give us a call and take us for a spin.

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