How to use SharePoint and Akumina the employee experience platform to improve work culture

How to use SharePoint to improve work culture

Microsoft SharePoint gets a bad rap in the media and among enterprises. Many businesses view it as a “black hole” where workers shovel in terabytes of information that is disorganized and otherwise difficult to access. At Akumina, we view SharePoint as the beating heart of a successful digital workplace. When used strategically, SharePoint houses an organization’s lifeblood (data) and circulates it to knowledge workers so they can be productive. Gartner recently announced that the world has more than a billion knowledge workers (and growing) so it’s more important than ever for businesses to learn how to shape company culture and enhance employee experience by leveraging SharePoint.

Enterprises using the Akumina Employee Experience Platform (EXP) have an opportunity to create a positive and productive work environment with SharePoint – here’s how.

Create Organizational Alignment with SharePoint

It doesn’t matter if the business has dozens, hundreds, or thousands of employees located around the world, internal communications are a critical component of keeping everyone on the same page. Akumina’s EXP serves as a centralized hub experience that delivers content in more than 200 languages within a popular, best practice-inspired user interface. In addition, the platform also enables internal communications professionals to create and distribute important content – like holiday schedules – that employees refer to frequently. Content can be easily updated to evolve with the needs of a dynamic modern business.

Big Lots and Church’s Chicken use the Akumina EXP, built on SharePoint, to provide mobile-enabled digital workplaces for their in-office, remote, and frontline employees

In addition to serving as the “single source of truth” for a business, SharePoint can also be used to highlight exemplary employee performance or good citizenship. Nothing makes a person feel better about their employer than a public shout out for their hard work. It’s easy to get lost  in the day-to-day operations but businesses that can authentically reward workers for their blood, sweat, and tears greatly enhance the employee experience for everyone. If you need any ideas on how to launch a cool employee recognition program, check out our post on NBC Sports Boston.

Help Employees Go Home

The 2000’s and 2010’s will be forever remembered for the outlandish offices of tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Airbnb. Slides, free booze, and foosball tables, however, are quickly going out of style as workers increasingly focus on crushing the workday then hightailing it out of the office to spend time with friends and family. Many global businesses use SharePoint and Akumina to help people work smarter, not harder.

Akumina enables SharePoint customers to deliver personalized digital experiences to employees based on their role, geography, and many other criteria. People no longer need to dig through complex repositories; instead, they sign into their single-pane-of-glass dashboard from their desktop or mobile device that is pre-loaded with all of the information they’ll need to complete their tasks. Akumina also includes permissions and governance features to minimize risk and protect confidential information from unauthorized access.

GlaxoSmithKline uses the Akumina EXP to power their employee digital hub, which streamlines business processes to make employees’ work lives easier

Furthermore, Akumina’s EXP is built on open frameworks and dozens of pre-built integrations with major enterprise cloud apps right out of the box. This makes it easy for IT teams to build digital workplaces that are customized to its workers’ preferences. The platform moves users seamlessly from one app to the other without requiring log-ins or other disruptive behaviors that can distract workers.

SharePoint has proven itself to be a valuable asset for businesses that understand how to use it. Data is the lifeblood of Corporate America, which makes sharing key corporate insights critical to enterprises’ success. The Akumina EXP is a vital tool in helping business solve their workplace culture and internal communications challenges.

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