Akumina Impersonation Engine and Persona Builder

Impersonation on Intranet Platforms

What does your intranet platform and SNL have in common? Impersonation.

Can you imagine how many different people an SNL actor will have impersonated during their career?

I mean, Will Ferrell became President George W. Bush at least once a week. Mike Myers as Linda Richman, hostess of Coffee Talk, was comedy gold. And who can forget Chris Farley as inspirational speaker Matt Foley, who cautioned kids against behaviors that would have them living “in a van, down by the river”?

We “normal” people don’t get to do things like that at work. But in some cases, impersonating a colleague is actually the best way to understand their needs and pain points. It’s especially helpful when you’re building an intranet platform, and you really want to make sure it’s going to be useful.

What would have happened on SNL if Mike Myers couldn’t find his Linda Richman wig? Or if the Oval Office set wasn’t built in time for Will Ferrell’s President Bush sketch? Everyone on set would have been stressed, panicked, and pulled away from other critical tasks to help.

The same thing happens to your employees when they can’t find what they need to do their jobs. They become agitated, irritated, and frustrated with their tools, their team, and their company.

That’s why it’s so very important to make sure that you’re providing the right information at the right time, and in an easy-to-access location. In the video below, you can see how Troy Trudel, Akumina VP of Alliances, uses Akumina’s intranet platform to create personas (user segments), and then tests his work by impersonating a user in the segment he designed.

Check out the video, and then grab some time with someone on our team to hear more. Maybe one of them can beat Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin impersonation. We’re a group with some mysterious talents.

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