modern intranet refresh to an employee experience platform

In the digital workplace journey, start with your intranet

The word “journey” can be intimidating. A journey sounds lengthy and challenging, and makes people think about Frodo Baggins. But when it comes to the digital workplace journey, fear not. We’ve got a plan that can work for any organization. The key is to start small, by refreshing your intranet.

Whether you’ve got a single page with a list of internal links, or a custom dashboard built on an employee experience platform, there’s always room for an update.

If you’re ready to do more with your intranet, hub, dashboard, or portal, we’ve got some resources to add to your arsenal.

This week, we released the 2020 Intranet Refresh Kit, everything you need for your intranet refresh project.

  • Intranet Refresh 2020: 5 Core Elements for Creating the Right The on-demand replay of our webinar Intranet Refresh 2020: 5 Elements for Creating the Right Experience, in which Akumina expert Harrison Fetter walks you through the most important features every intranet should have.
  • The Ultimate Intranet Refresh Checklist. This checklist is only available in the Intranet Refresh Kit. It walks you through the refresh process, step by step, so you don’t miss a thing.
  • The 2020 Modern Intranet Buyer’s Guide. An updated version of our Modern Intranet Buyer’s Guide, containing new information and updates to the existing content.

So take the first step in your larger digital workplace journey. Give your intranet some love, and see where the journey takes you from there.

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