Modern SharePoint + Akumina's EXP: A Webinar Review

Modern SharePoint + Akumina’s EXP: A Webinar Review

It’s not every day that you get a Microsoft MVP like Sean McDonough in the same room as a technology leader like David Maffei. But on Feb. 12, 2020, we made it happen.

Akumina, in partnership with Centric Consulting, was proud to co-sponsor Modern SharePoint + Akumina’s EXP = A True Digital Workplace Experience, a webinar that was well-attended by those looking for information about Modern SharePoint and the ways Akumina enhances and complements it. Here are some interesting takeaways from the webinar overall.

Most Organizations Need a Digital Workplace Makeover

What jumps out to me in these poll results from our webinar audience is that the majority of respondents are doing a pretty good job of meeting employee needs with their digital workplace. They may not need a full overhaul; just a quick intranet refresh. That’s perfect. Because we highly recommend the “Think big, start small, act fast” approach to digital workplace implementation. Start with the intranet, and move forward from there.

Modern SharePoint is the Future

Sean spoke to our audience about the evolution from “Classic” to “Modern,” and some of the new features that Microsoft included in the Modern experience. Some of Sean’s favorites include enhanced performance, design capability so that you can avoid building an intranet that doesn’t “look like SharePoint,” the ability to search across SharePoint and all of Office 365.

Organizations Need One Strategy, Thousands of Digital Workplaces

According to David Maffei, making your employees the center of your employee experience strategy is the key to building a truly successful digital workplace. Whether your ultimate goal is enhanced employee experience or enhanced business success, you’ll get both when you build from the bottom up. Work with your deskless workers, your frontline employees on the manufacturing floor, etc. By empowering them and making their work lives better, you in turn make everyone’s experience better.

1 + 1 = 3

Modern SharePoint is a key foundation underneath many of Akumina’s critical success factors, and David and his team aim to add Modern’s capabilities to Akumina’s to create this enhanced equation. In the end, you’re not implementing SharePoint + Akumina and getting 2 applications. You’re getting a true digital workplace experience, which is worth much more.

To hear more about Sean and David’s insights into the digital workplace, Modern SharePoint, and building your digital workplace with Modern + Akumina, watch the on demand presentation here.

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