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Support those remote workers, people!

Sometimes you just have to work from home. Maybe your boiler broke and you don’t have hot water; maybe your child has a dentist appointment; maybe there’s a worldwide pandemic and the CDC recommends that you stay in your house. Regardless of the reason, working from home is becoming less and less of a perk and more of a must-have for job candidates. The flexibility to work from wherever you need to be, whenever you need to be there is a non-negotiable for many workers, especially those from the millennial generation.

So if you’re a business owner, or a team manager, you’re obviously thinking about the best way to make sure that, when your employees are working from home, that they can be as effective as if they were in the office.

There are some challenges your team might run into that can create a less-than-perfect experience. For inexperienced work-from-homers, a time management tool might be required; you’ll want to ensure that you provide one. You might also need to make a habit of regularly checking in to make sure your remote workers are feeling connected to the larger team. Above all, it’s crucial to provide some sort of search mechanism to help employees find what they need without wasting precious time.

Building a digital workplace that can accommodate the ever-changing needs of your remote workers and those who just work from home occasionally will pay dividends. Your teams will be engaged and motivated to work hard every day.

“When employees face a mismatch between the demands of their jobs and the resources they have to meet them, research proves that it impacts their motivation, attitudes, commitment, emotional well-being and health, and it leads to higher employee turnover, lower workforce productivity, lower customer satisfaction and lower company profits.”

-David K. Johnson, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, Inc.

To hear more words of wisdom about employee experience and the technology that powers it, register for our webinar on March 10th featuring guest speaker Forrester’s David K. Johnson, who will discuss what employee experience (EX) means in 2020 and the key traits of an effective EX initiative. David will be joined by ING’s Sander de Bruijn and Joris Kok, who will share insight into ING’s employee experience and digital workplace project. We look forward to seeing you there!

Empower your remote workers with the technology they need to be successful.
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