Using Your Intranet to Drive Microsoft Office 365 Adoption

Using Your Intranet to Drive Microsoft Office 365 Adoption

Written by guest blogger Alexandra Detweiler, Director, Microsoft Alliance, Akumina

A company’s investment in Microsoft Office 365 is a large line item for most businesses. Outside of the basic license costs, organizations need to invest additional capital and people to properly match the platform’s capabilities to the needs of the organization. If left on their own, most workers would only use basic apps like Outlook and Word and not take advantage of the other innovative technologies included in the Office 365 platform. This is why many leading businesses utilize Akumina’s Employee Experience Platform to seamlessly connect all of their Microsoft apps and services and ensure they are optimizing the value of their investment.

IT and business leaders’ greatest Office 365 challenge is adoption. Workers gravitate towards the apps they know well – such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint – but rarely explore the expansive cloud platform. Microsoft tries to help encourage broader end user adoption by promoting the stickiness of its apps through services like Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, Yammer and Stream to act as the connective tissue within its ecosystem and help deliver additional value.

For instance, many businesses take a siloed approach to their Office 365 implementations by making SharePoint a central repository for all corporate data. However, this strategy quickly devolves and makes critical data difficult to locate and, therefore, workers’ jobs more difficult. The Akumina EXP is built on SharePoint and runs on Azure to simplify Office 365 management for both business and IT leaders. Businesses using Akumina can immediately access information through desktop and mobile interfaces. This ensures people can retrieve critical data anywhere, from any device, within a single-pane-of-glass interface, the hallmark of a modern digital workplace.

Security is also a key consideration when thinking about deriving value from Office 365. Microsoft’s Trust Center does a great job in outlining the company’s security practices and policies to demonstrate that customer data is protected and compliant with broad and industry-specific data privacy laws. Akumina helps reduce corporate risk for Office 365 businesses by not storing any information and instead acting as a highly customizable centralized hub that integrates Microsoft and third-party applications.

One of our customers called the Akumina EXP a “weapon of mass consumption” and we agree. The employee experience platform’s tight integration with Microsoft – and dozens of other software vendors – makes it easy for businesses to create a personalized destination that enables communication across all of an organization’s job roles and departments. With Akumina, enterprises maximize their Office 365 investment by organizing their content more effectively, personalizing the employee experience, and promoting app usage.

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