What Does an Effective Employee Experience Strategy Look Like?

We live in a pretty amazing time to be part of the global workforce. This is a time of growth and change, when work is no longer just a job; it’s a part of our lifestyle. It’s a time when employee experience is valued, monitored, and enriched. A time when employer and employee can speak honestly about each other’s performance. It’s also a time when employers understand that employee experience is worthy of their attention, it’s important, and it’s here to stay. We’re ready to talk about employee experience strategy.

“Your employee experience is the sum of all interactions an employee has with you as an employer. It includes everything from personal relationships to the physical work environment. And, like it or not, it ultimately shapes the health of your organization.”

Gandhi, V. (2020, July 08). Does Your Employee Experience Strategy Improve Performance?

What does a good employee experience strategy look like?

Our president, David Maffei, likes to draw this picture to represent a great employee experience strategy. I won’t do it justice, but basically, it looks like a single Christmas tree made up of bunch of tiny Christmas trees.

The takeaway is that, while it’s super important to have an employee experience strategy for your whole organization, it’s only a truly effective one if it considers the experiences of each individual employee.

Without empathy and a deep understanding of each employee, you’ve built a business experience strategy; not an employee experience strategy.

Wait, what?

Now, I can already hear some anguished cries. Because, let’s be honest. If you’re a 100,000-employee global enterprise, you can’t possibly know everything about every employee.

That, my friends, is where some nifty technology comes into play.

“If we think of employees as consumers of the workplace, then many of the principles of customer experience apply:

How do employees find us?
Why do they choose us?
What do they feel when they are with us?
And are they likely to refer us when they leave?

Gandhi, V. (2020, July 08). Does Your Employee Experience Strategy Improve Performance?

A truly effective employee experience strategy will incorporate an employee experience platform to make it a reality. Using the persona building functionality in an EXP like Akumina’s allows you to identify the user segments that make up your employee population, and deliver the right content to the each of them in the way they prefer to consume it. To add icing to the cake, it allows each employee to self-subscribe to the content they deem important.

The result is an experience that both you and your employees agree works for them. It’s manageable, it’s individualized, and it’s clean.

For more information on Employee Experience Platforms check out our guide.

When you’re ready, and I bet most of you are, take a closer look at your EX strategy. When you’re sure that it supports each of your employees, invest in an EXP that can take it to the next level.

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