What is an intranet CMS?

What is an Intranet CMS?

A content management system (CMS) is the software or programs an enterprise uses to manage their digital content. For an intranet, a CMS dictates the way you index, search, retrieve, format, revise and publish content to your intranet. Without an intranet CMS, these functions are typically disparate, and require various programs and tools to manage. With an intranet CMS like Akumina’s AppManager, users can manage all communications and functions under one program. But to really understand the value of an intranet CMS, let’s look at some examples.

An Intranet CMS Removes Bottlenecks

In a large organization, there are often several groups that need to make updates to the intranet – Sales wants to add collateral, HR wants to add benefits details – and historically, the intranet administrator has been the only person qualified to upload that content. The Akumina AppManager, on the other hand, provides a decoupled approach to content management. By separating the front end editing interface from the back end content objects, the AppManager makes it easy for the technical and non-technical alike to add content whenever they need to. As a result, all business groups have equal access to update the intranet in minutes, even from the convenience of a mobile device. This cuts down on required attention and resources from IT and the development team who no longer need to duplicate or recreate content for a series of pages or links.

Intranet Systems Improve Collaboration

Collaboration is critical for the success of an organization. Intranet CMS platforms make it easy for business groups, across any location, to communicate and deliver content quickly and easily to each other, and to their business leaders. For the 4.3 million people in the USA who work from home at least half the time (source: Global Workplace Analytics), an intranet CMS means that these workers build real-time connections with colleagues they may otherwise never have the opportunity to work with by sending messages through Slack, or sharing articles via Microsoft Yammer, for example. Collaboration through an intranet CMS also allows for seamless top-down communications, allowing for transparency and growing organizational trust.

Enhance Digital Employee Experience with an Intranet CMS

While not all intranet CMS’ are created equal, Akumina’s AppManager separates content on the back end from its front-end presentation to deliver engaging, customized experiences for every work group within an organization. Content can be created and presented in an infinite number of ways and can also be delivered contextually, based on employees’ roles, responsibilities, or geography.

The benefits of an intranet CMS are immediate, especially for innovative workplaces that prioritize collaboration, productivity and transparency. Of course, don’t just take our word for it. Contact us to test drive Akumina’s Employee Experience Platform (EXP) – with the best-in-class intranet CMS available – and see the benefits firsthand.

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