Akumina presents: What to Look for in Enterprise Communication Software

What to Look for in Enterprise Communication Software

The definition and scope of enterprise communications has drastically shifted during Corporate America’s digital transformation. For many years, businesses had a handful of platforms to choose from that were all expensive and built as a “one size fits all” product. The idea of a personalized, integrative, flexible employee communications solution was just that – an idea – but then, the revolution came.

The cloud changed how businesses evaluate, manage, and solve employee communications challenges in the enterprise. Organizations don’t need to rely on behemoth vendors and their static solutions to help employees communicate, collaborate, and innovate. Today, there are multiple employee experience platforms to choose from, all offering innovation in enterprise communications. But how do businesses decide what software is best for them?

Consider these criteria when choosing the right employee communication software for your organization:

Communicate Globally

Does the solution offer multiple languages to seamlessly translate and build multilingual content on the back end to communicate across the enterprise? If your organization is global, this should be an important feature that should not be compromised on.

50,000 Employees, 50,000 Employee Experiences

New hires, field workers, support staff, executives – every person in your organization has different needs when it comes to content and communication. Your enterprise communication software should be able to deliver content contextually, based on employees’ progression in the organization, daily responsibilities, and their geography.

Mobile Enabled

Today’s workforce expects the same seamless employee experience across all their devices, including laptops, smartphones and tablets. Your employee communication software should create meaningful, convenient ways to talk about every aspect of the business on any device at any time.

Integration with Existing Systems and Leading Apps

The ability for employees to manage their workflow without having to jump between multiple apps, chat tools, and email is critical to employee productivity and enterprise success. An employee communication software solution should feature open architecture that enables simple integrations with the most widely used business tools and applications.

It’s also important to remember that employee communication is a two-way street. Akumina’s employee experience platform provides the multi-directional communication tools enterprises need, along with the features that employees expect from their workplace experience. To learn more about why Akumina is the right employee communication software for your organization, contact us today for a free demo.

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