A case study with MetLife

Streamlining Business Processes Across 37 Disparate Systems


MetLife, Inc. is a leading global provider of insurance, annuities, and employee benefit programs. Its 48,000 employees serve more than 100 million customers worldwide, and have a strong presence in nearly 50 countries. See how their employee collaboration software has helped them as a business.

Executives are dramatically more productive and can focus on key business initiatives with the time saved from having to log in to multiple business systems. The lifecycle time of business processes has been dramatically increased by speeding up the time of approval related processes.”


MetLife was looking to help its employees be more productive. Director-level employees were receiving anywhere from 75-100 emails a week related to actions and alerts they needed to take from approving purchase orders, approving time off request, and more from 37 disparate systems. MetLife recognized it needed a solution to help engage employees and create a more productive workforce.



With Akumina’s platform, MetLife built an interactive workspace branded as Workspace Dashboard for employees to manage individual goals, tasks, calendars, and notifications. The Workspace Dashboard is personalized for each employee’s unique role, projects, goals, and tasks, and can be shared with other team members and managers to facilitate communications. The dashboard concept helps employees to feel more in control of their responsibilities and goals while giving them the ability to prioritize collaboratively to get their work done.

MetLife’s employee dashboards are hosted inside of MetLife’s Office 365 tenant. Custom JavaScript widgets were easily configured using Akumina’s framework to connect to the 37 disparate business systems allowing employees to perform tasks related to their job from a single interface. The integrations include Ariba, Success Factors, Kaltura, Service Now, DB2, Oracle People Soft, Salesforce, SQL, and Office 365 services (SharePoint, OneDrive, Yammer, and Exchange).

Every day the new Workspace Dashboard is helping employees obtain a preview of the day, accept tasks and actions items from requesters, collaborate actively with managers and remote team members on priorities, track the history of accomplishments, and improve their understanding of how individual goals connect to the overall growth of the organization.