SharePoint + Akumina

Improve Productivity and Connect Your Workforce

SharePoint + Akumina Intranet

Leveraging Microsoft SharePoint intranet? Akumina is the perfect compliment to your already existing SharePoint Intranet. Did you know Akumina is built specifically to run on SharePoint?

What Akumina + SharePoint Delivers

Success All Around

$6.2 Million

In Savings Tied to Employee Productivity

20% to 90%

Increase in Employee Intranet Usage

4.5 Million

Active Daily Users on Akumina

6 Weeks

Launch Quickly and Scale Up

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Learn more about how Akumina’s intranet software works alongside Microsoft SharePoint.

Microsoft SharePoint. It’s new, it’s user-friendly, it’s highly performant. It’s the Microsoft application suite of the future.

Akumina’s Intranet Software. It’s the most extensible, adaptable intranet solution in the market.

Now the question is, how do you take that revamped innovative Modern SharePoint core, and create a hyper-personalized digital workplace experience for your entire workforce? By teaming it with Akumina’s intranet platform.

Akumina allows you to create personas throughout your organization to help streamline and prioritize communication based on job roles and functions.

Use your SharePoint intranet as a base with all the power of Microsoft ignited by Akumina.

Download our whitepaper today to learn how you can leverage your intranet software to connect your workforce, improve productivity and increase profitability.

“Modern SharePoint’s innovation is in its performance, in its APIs,
and in Microsoft’s ability to innovate more quickly on the platform.
Mixed with the power of the Akumina Employee Experience Platform,
a true digital workplace journey can finally be realized.”

– -Laurel Dzneladze, Microsoft Corporation

What Akumina Offers

Communication Platform

  • Company News Center
  • Digital Town Hall
  • Survey Center
  • Corporate News Feed

Digital Dashboard

  • Productivity Dashboard (built on M365)
  • Sales Dashboard
  • Project Management Dashboard

HR Portal

  • Onboarding
  • Benefits
  • Employee Journey Mapping
  • Employee Recognition Center

Employee Resource Center

  • Staff Directory
  • Brand Portal
  • Community Site
  • Document Repository

Who Akumina Works With

and many more.

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