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One-Touch Branded Site Deployment

Share the site deployment responsibility, but control the brand with Akumina’s EXP.

You create the templates and the themes, and content managers can easily publish pages and sites with a consistent look and feel throughout.

The entire process is streamlined and easy for non-technical users.

  • Templates: Use our pre-built templates, or build your own for quick site standup
  • Customized Design: Do as much or as little as you like to create the best experience for your organization using Akumina widgets and SharePoint web parts

Quickly Build Process Flows

Build the workflows that ensure your users never miss a step.

Easily build out digital roadmaps to enhance employee experiences like onboarding, continuous learning, benefits enrollment, and relocation.

If a team needs them, you can deliver them in short order.

  • Process Optimization: The Process Optimizer allows for process-driven digital step plans that enable employees to more quickly and successfully conquer employment changes like onboarding, promotion, relocation and offboarding.
  • Step Planner: Build out personalized process workflows that are easy to follow and track so nothing falls through the cracks

Easily Define and Manage Users, Permissions, and Personas

Make sure your users have access to everything they need and nothing they don’t by creating user segments and personas for permission-granting and content targeting.

Choose from an unlimited set of criteria to group users, and get as granular or as general as you want.

  • Persona Builder: Create user segments that dictate roles and permissions, and that allow business groups to more accurately target content and information
  • Personalized Experiences for Every User: Your employees are all different, don’t paint them with the same brush.  Deliver personalized and relevant experiences to every type of employee from the C-Suite to your deskless staff.

Drag and Drop Form and Survey Creation

When your Comms department needs to gather feedback, or your HR team wants to do electronic benefits enrollment, Akumina makes it easy.

Using our drag and drop functionality, you can easily build forms, surveys and more.

  • Site Provisioning with the Touch of a Button: One-click site deployments allow power users to spin up new business unit, departmental or functional sites under pre-defined governance without involving IT
  • Experience Builder: Add Akumina widgets and SharePoint web parts to easily design branded forms and surveys in minutes.

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