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Total Visual Control Without Design Limitations

Make your pages esthetically-appealing and engaging.

With Akumina’s award-winning employee experience platform, you get total control of your design, so your modern intranet, digital employee hub, or enterprise portal is modern, accessible, intuitive, and fully representative of who you are as a company.

  • Templates: Leverage pre-built templates to build experiences quickly or create new ones on the fly
  • Customized Design: Configure your page layouts with a simple drag and drop interface
  • No Limitations: Akumina’s Platform allows you to bring to life any design without restriction

Deliver Hyper-Personalized Messaging to Every Employee

Different audiences care about different information and content.

That’s why the Akumina Persona Builder lets you create dynamic user segments so that your messaging is received by the people who need it most, and not by the ones who don’t.

Identify an audience based on a limitless list of criteria, and deliver targeted, contextual messaging and relevant experiences for every unique user.

  • Persona Builder: Create user segments from a limitless set of criteria, and target news, pages, and apps to specific personas to be consumed on any device, and in any language.
  • Self-Subscribing: Users can identify which type of information and content they want to receive, ensuring their full experience matches their role and needs.

Communicate With and Inform Every Employee

With the Akumina AppManager, you can easily create, reuse, translate, and publish content. Communicate with your entire workforce on any device, and in any language.

Send critical information, event invitations, employee surveys, and more in fully branded experiences to every employee on a PC or Mac, on iOS or Android, even through a kiosk.

You’ll be able to reach and interact with your entire workforce from the C-suite to your frontline and deskless workers, no technical training required.

  • Content Types: Create as many content types as you need for consistent design across your organization
  • Native Mobile App: Download on iOS or Android devices for mobile access

Drive Connectivity and Collaboration Throughout the Business

Drives stronger connectivity from the business to each employee, from employee to employee, and back to the business.

Collaborate in any language, on any device, at any time, all within a single platform.

  • Collaboration Engine: Connect all components of project management – from tasks, milestones, conversations, documents, and more – in one user experience, using our employee collaboration software
  • Single-pane-of-glass: Communicate in real time by integrating all of your collaboration systems into a single interface
  • Best-in-Class Integration with Microsoft Teams: Leveraging Teams as a canvas, allow your team to seamlessly switch from consuming content and collaborating to creating content with the click of their mouse

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