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Best-in-Class Onboarding and Offboarding Experiences

From welcoming, personalized onboarding to easy and streamlined offboarding, and every experience and moments that matter in between, employee engagement and satisfaction will be at an all-time high with the Akumina employee experience platform.

Employee personas allow you to connect new hires with colleagues who share interests, similar roles, or work in the same location. And the one-stop-shop nature of the platform reduces confusion and tension for both new and senior employees alike.

  • Persona Builder: Gather information from systems of record to build personas for each employee, and provide them with timely, relevant information for a smooth employee journey.
  • Process Optimization: The Process Optimizer allows for process-driven digital step plans that enable employees to more quickly and successfully conquer employment changes like onboarding, promotion, relocation, and offboarding.

Attract, Retain and Nurture Talent with Elite Experiences

Building a well-designed, highly engaging modern intranet, digital employee hub, or enterprise portal is a key contributor to emloyee satisfaction and overall organizational success.

Forrester analyst David Johnson said, “Engagement is decisive to business outcomes… and increasingly technology plays such a critical role.”

The Akumina EXP allows you to maximize your technology investments and build truly exceptional employee experiences that make current employees want to stay, and future employees want to apply.

  • Experience Builder: Build well-designed, fully-branded, and personalized experiences quickly and easily using drag-and-drop page and site building.
  • Personalized Experiences for Every User: Your employees are all different, don’t paint them with the same brush. Deliver personalized and relevant experiences to every type of employee from the C-Suite to your deskless staff.

Recognize, Praise, and Engage Employees

Make your employees feel wanted, appreciated, and connected.

With the Akumina employee experience platform, build a public forum to share success, praise, engage, and collaborate with employees across your entire organization, regardless of location or role.

Build a sense of community for all, regardless of location or language, and share the big picture, uniting your organization.

  • News Feed: Share praise and encourage feedback using the News Feed widget, which allows you to publish news that appears prominently on your site.
  • Activity Streams: A social engine that allows employees to share content, react to posts, and praise their peers

Implement, enable, and drive your culture

Unify your workforce across business units, roles, and locations with a fully-branded digital workplace that promotes your corporate mission.

Enable and drive your culture with a focus on collaboration, knowledge sharing, and findability.

  • No technical expertise required to create the experiences you want for your workforce
  • Treat each employee with an experience tailored for their unique role, location and job enabling them to do work better, faster and easier

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