GlaxoSmithKline Transforms Employee Engagement with New Employee Digital Hub

GlaxoSmithKline plc (GSK) sought to develop a program to improve the digital experience across the organization with the launch of a new digital hub that employees would love, feel engaged with, deliver relevant content, increase collaboration, allow social interactions, and increase productivity.

The GSK digital hub needed to improve employee engagement and productivity while supporting streamlined business processes that would make their employees work-lives easier. GSK required a solution that was cutting-edge, mobile-first, and able to demonstrate how the respective technology could transform the employee experience. It also needed to be easily integrated with enterprise applications and feasible to manage and sustain the technical offering overtime.

With the Akumina platform, GSK is able to deliver a new intelligent digital employee hub for over 130,000 employees with a modern and connected digital experience for all everyone regardless of location.

The digital hub provides employees with an experience that is personalized to each and every employee, helping global engagement and making teams more productive. Akumina’s platform pulls data from Active Directory and uses machine learning to surface content, links, and data from third-party systems that is relevant to individual users based on business unit, role, location, and behavior (applications frequently used, documents frequently used, types of content most consumed, and more).

As a global company, all the content displayed in the GSK hub is available in multiple languages allowing employees to display their preferred language. Users have the flexibility to change the language with a simple click. The employee hub drives productivity offering seamless integration with multiple back-end systems to reduce the number of applications and clicks employees make to perform day-to-day tasks associated with their job.

The digital hub focuses on 7 Employee Experience Pillars.

  • Love – Embraced by all employees.
  • Intuitive – Straightforward, with no training required.
  • Intelligent – Knows who the employee is, where they are located, and what they need.
  • Quick – Saves time by empowering users to access resources and information in a central platform.
  • Seamless – Provides an easy-to-use interface changing complex processes into one smooth end-to-end experience.
  • Accessible – Available on any device, anytime, and anywhere to give employees the flexibility of when and how to access.
  • Helpful – Self-service and self-help resources across the globe.
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