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World Trade Center

World Trade Center

World Trade Center Develops Visitor Portal with Modern Design Featuring Events, Maps, and History

The world’s most closely watched urban renewal project, the World Trade Center, links Tribeca to the Financial District and brims with innovative architecture, renowned public artwork, and grand open spaces. The World Trade Center is home to dozens of smart, creative, and growing companies including Moody’s, Condé Nast, WilmerHale, BMI, & MediaMath. These cutting-edge firms want to be innovative with high-tech and green buildings, next door to unmatched mass transit options, and world-class amenities including dining & retail.

The World Trade Center (WTC) website runs on SharePoint 2016 and receives 6 million visitors per month who are looking for business opportunities, shopping, and more information about the newly rebuilt WTC. Due to the increase in interest and traffic to the site, the content authors had difficulties in managing all the content effectively, and the existing site wasn‘t fit for the purpose of reflecting innovation and technology. In addition, albeit they were using Sharepoint to manage essential elements of the customer experience, it became necessary to have a contemporary, secure, scalable, flexible, and extensible solution for continued growth and success.

Initially, the website was re-designed with a fresh yet modern look, providing a cleaner and more improved interface as well as an overall enhanced user-experience flow. As the site is based on SharePoint 2016, it was then rebuilt from the ground up, with the Akumina experience platform bolted on, which created new widgets and features extending the base SharePoint platform, allowing the content managers to create new and update existing content with minimal effort quickly. The content editors were, also, able to efficiently manage their site and campaigns, without having to rely on a developer.

A front-facing visitor portal was launched with a modern design and deployed to tourists with information on events, maps, and history. By leveraging Akumina, additional features were introduced which provisioned marketing promotion for stores and tours.

Within a matter of weeks after the website launch, the new site was already delivering a strong ROI.

Since the launch of the new site, the search function has experienced an uptick of 147% with visitors staying longer on the site and visiting more pages. The below improvements also took place after the new website was launched:

  • Number of visitors across all devices has remained consistent pre and post-launch.
  • There has been improved engagement among both desktop and mobile users, with page sessions and session durations increasing by approximately 1.25% for desktop users and 4.60% for mobile users.