What’s New 2020

What’s New at Akumina

We’ve been incredibly busy at Akumina, adding a whole slew of new features and highly-requested enhancements to our employee experience platform. From a revamped foundation site to enhanced mobile support to faster page building capability and more, we want you to see it all.

Akumina 5.0 in Action

Watch as our employee experience experts demo our biggest and best features, like: 

  • Fast and easy experience building with our new drag-and-drop interface
  • The Persona Builder, which guarantees a hyper-personalized experience for every employee in every role
  • Native iOS and Android app support
  • Akumina extensions to base SPFx and Modern SharePoint functionality

You’re also in for a treat, as we give you a sneak peek of two exciting features from our latest release: Intelligent Activity Streams & the Step Planner.

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