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2022 State of the Digital Workplace & Modern Intranet Report

Inform Your Digital Workplace & Modern Intranet Strategy with 2022 Data Trends in this report.

Cover-page-state-of-digital-workplace-report-2022.PNGIn the Fall of 2021, the Akumina team created a survey encompassing the quality of digital workplaces and the effectiveness of modern intranets. 

At the time, the information readily available to us that discussed ‘the digital workplace’ or a ‘modern intranet’ was, at best, from 2019 or 2020 – prior to the work-from-home shift. Research hadn’t kept pace with the rapid acceleration of remote work and the Akumina team saw an opportunity to fill that gap with current data that reflected our true position as an industry. Additionally, we saw the potential to amplify the voices of thought leaders already beating the ‘digital workplace’ drum. 

After coming to this realization, we saw an opportunity to fill this gap with current data that would appropriately support what’s happening in our everyday lives. 

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2022 State of the Digital Workplace & Modern Intranet Report


This survey was received by almost 200,000 professionals world-wide across all industries and with the help of our survey respondents, we were able to pull together a clear image of how companies are structuring their businesses in this ever-evolving world of technology and resources. We now see first-hand how employees are adjusting to the thriving trend that is remote and hybrid work.

After collecting responses, we immediately discovered a diverse dataset that exhibited notable results and industry insight. We quickly shifted gears from researching work-from-home policies and intranet features to researching flexibility shifts, employee connectedness trends, and the best measurements of an intranet project.


2022 Digital Workplace and Intranet Themes

We have summarized the 5 key themes that came out of this survey and have included full results and analysis of our findings in the report:

  • The remote revolution: not ‘one size fits all’ – In the past, workplace decisions have typically been made at an executive level.  What we are seeing now, is a shift in both workplace flexibility and decision-making; Mid-level managers now have a say.
  • Components of a successful digital workplace strategy – It is one thing to set up an intranet for employees, but it is another to create an entire virtual world where employees feel supported and are still able to connect to their company, their tools, and to each other. To take it one step further, these systems need to be able to stand the test of time.
  • Must-have intranet features for 2022 – With all the changes our businesses have gone through, and for all the changes yet to come, streamlined communication and easy access to tools and resources remain two of the biggest factors in employee satisfaction.  Functionality, although seemingly so simple, can play a colossal role in an employee’s experience.   


  • Best ways to increase employee adoption – Employee adoption is a primary concern to many executives when they are approached with a new system.  The key is to have a plan and follow through with it.  Staying organized and delegating tasks is paramount to a successful implementation.
  • Measuring intranet impact and effectiveness – ROI is typically the most common approach to measure success of a new business endeavor.  What we’ve found though, is you can’t put a price tag on employee experience and satisfaction.

We would like to thank our partners at MassMutual and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America for their expert insight into our findings. We hope that this report will help you and your team bring inform your digital workplace strategy in 2022.

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Key Findings 

Prior to March 2020 and the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, over half of survey respondents reported their workplaces required all employees to be entirely in-person. Many companies had WFH policies and procedures in place, but the ongoing pandemic continues to accelerate this movement. Only 9% of survey participants state they are still working in a full-time office environment today, a decrease of 42% over the past 21 months.


Now, 9% of respondents work at companies where everyone is in the office full-time.

44% of respondents reported that they use between 1-3 tools on a DAILY basis to do their jobs that are NOT adopted by their company.

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