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“We really have adopted a people-centric, rather than technology-centric, approach to our digital workplace project. Up to now, we had many siloed organizations, and the thing that I’m most proud of is that we’ve been able to bring those people much more together and will continue to do so moving forward.”

Joris Kok | Product Owner at ING

“From groundkeepers, to ballpark operations, and security, and fan services, and client services, and ticket takers, and greeters, and technology, and security, and – there’s probably some 20 or so departments that have to work together in a very collaborative manner.”

Brian Shield | CIO, Red Sox

“Our calculations indicate that Banner Connect will save the company more than $6.2 million annually by moving to a high-usability digital experience and improving on basic tasks, such as enterprise search”

Tyson Henrie | Digital Workforce Group at Banner Health

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Akumina's Employee Experience Platform (EXP)

Unify your workforce under a single mission, vision, and culture.

Build once, deliver infinitely, to every employee.

Modern Intranet

Top-down communication, delivered in a fully branded experience – in any language, on any device, and at any time.

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Digital Employee Hub

A true single-pane-of-glass destination for your entire digital ecosystem, driving minimum hassle and maximum productivity.

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Enterprise Portals

Fully authenticated experiences for any audience, because a digital workplace strategy isn’t just for employees.

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Love the Way You Work™

Legacy intranets are no more than content graveyards – inaccessible, hard to navigate, and impossible to update. Akumina’s Employee Experience Platform fixes all that by making it quick & easy to build and deploy customized branded workplace experiences for every audience, on any device, and in any language. This is the new Workplace Experience.

Solutions for Communications

  • Total visual control with no design limitations
  • Deliver hyper-personalized messaging to every employee
  • Communicate and inform employees
  • Drive connectivity throughout the business


Solutions for IT

  • True single-pane-of-glass digital experience
  • Native mobility with full and conditional access
  • Enable content managers to build and launch sites
  • Integrate across all of your technology systems


Solutions for HR

  • Best-in-class onboarding and offboarding experiences
  • Attract, retain and nurture talent with elite experiences
  • Recognize, praise, and engage employees
  • Implement, enable and drive your culture


Solutions for Content Managers

  • Target content and experiences to every user
  • Seamless content management in any language
  • Drag and drop page and site creation
  • 360º content insights and analytics


Solutions for Administrators

  • One-touch site deployment with brand control
  • Quickly build process flows like onboarding and relocation
  • Easily define and manage users, permissions and personas
  • Drag and drop form and survey creation


Our valued customers

Akumina customers love the way their teams work. Akumina has deployed hundreds of modern intranets, digital hubs, and enterprise portals for our customers.


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Financial Services

“Just like customer experience, employee experience and the digital workplace, it’s a journey. There isn’t necessarily a target end to it. It’s about gaining that efficiency and productivity and trying to continue to drive, but it’s not a one-and-done thing.”

Keith Kratochvil | Enterprise Architect, Principal Financial Group


“Built with Akumina, we were able to quickly stand up a COVID-19 site on our associate portal. In doing this, we have been able to keep our associates better informed in this ever-changing environment… And we could not have accomplished this without our partnership with Akumina.”

Robin Melancon | Associate Digital Experience, Rich Products Corporation


“Team Church’s really serves as the one-stop shop for housing documents, showcasing recognition, sharing success stories, and housing all the resources that an employee needs to get their job done.”

Allyson Otey | Internal Communications Manager, Church’s Chicken


“Akumina’s EXP makes it easier for more peer-to-peer communications and to create and distribute content across languages, regions, and devices. We were able to instantly modernize our digital workplace with user-friendly features, personalized workflows, and social features to encourage engagement and collaboration.”

Nicki Allitt | Global Head of Communications, Syngenta


“Our previous intranet solution struggled to keep up with the needs of our 15,000 global employees. Akumina’s EXP will give us the ability to create a central hub that enables our employees to access personalized information on any device at any time.”

Itee Satpathy | Head of People Development and Internal Communications, Sulzer


“We [Avanade] took a strategic position in Akumina to help our clients to drive adoption and effective use of Digital Workplace tools at enterprise scale and we’ve seen our enterprise clients achieve strong results pivoting to a Digital-Hub-on-Akumina approach to reduce day-to-day friction in their organization.”

Florin Rotar | Executive, Global Modern Workplace Lea, Avanade & Accenture Microsoft Business Group


“GlaxoSmithKline designed and launched a branded, personalized digital employee hub on Akumina that puts the power of its content in the hands of each of its 130,000 global employees.”
Stanley Lowe | Modern Workplace Lead, Avanade

Government & Education

“Akumina, in conjunction with Office 365, pretty much eliminates the need to sit at a desk… to be chained to any particular device.”

Tim Walsh | Web System Information Manager, Otterbein University

Bring all your technology together seamlessly

The Akumina Service Hub delivers pre-built integrations to the Microsoft productivity suite as well as hundreds of other leading third-party applications such as, SAP, Concur, ServiceNow, and Workday.

The result is a truly integrated single-pane-of-glass digital experience, personalized for every user and connected better than ever before.

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What does the industry say about Akumina?

With Akumina, leading multinational enterprises create transformative workplace experiences such as modern global intranets, digital dashboards, and mobile applications focused on employee engagement, productivity, and innovation.

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