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"Akumina is a versatile platform that is rich in functionality and highly flexible. It allows organisations to integrate with a range of third-party applications, living up to its promise of being the foundation of a full digital workplace."

- ClearBox Consulting, 2024 Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms Report

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The technology we use at work should be simple and intuitive.

Employees shouldn't be frustrated by their tools or forced to find creative workarounds to get their jobs done. 

With Akumina, modern intranets are thriving. Enable your employees to do their best work in a vibrant and connected digital workplace experience.


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Whitepaper: Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Today’s Modern Intranet

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Some initial findings from the 2024 State of Digital Workplace & Modern Intranet survey show: 

  • Remote and hybrid work increased by 30% since last year at the time of the report
  • 54% of respondents state they have considered, or are currently considering, leaving their jobs for an organization that cares more about their mental health and overall wellbeing.
  • Nearly 70% of survey respondents said a UI/UX refresh would make it easier for them to use their intranet.

For more insight into strategies and trends, download the 2024 State of the Digital Workplace & Modern Intranet report!

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Solutions for Communications

Enjoy total visual control with no design limitations and deliver hyper-personalized messaging to every employee. Communicate and inform employees. Drive connectivity throughout the business.

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Solutions for HR

Best-in-class onboarding and offboarding experiences. Attract, retain and nurture talent with elite experiences. Recognize, praise, and engage employees. Implement, enable and drive your culture.

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Solutions for IT & Enterprise Applications

True single-pane-of-glass digital experience. Native mobility with full and conditional access. Enable content managers to build and launch sites. Integrate across all of your technology systems.

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The Akumina intranet platform helps businesses deliver a unified intranet and modern digital workplace experience that is personalized for every employee. 

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