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Creating lasting employee experiences with solutions from modern intranets to digital employee hubs

Think Big. Start Quickly. Grow Strategically.

Your business isn't static, and your employee experience solutions shouldn’t be either.

Whether you’re looking for an out-of-the-box, modern intranet solution or a custom digital workplace experience, Akumina can be tailored to meet your organization’s needs, innovating and growing as your business does too.


Akumina receives 2 ClearBox Choice awards in 2023 Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms report

Create a relevant, online workspace for every employee.

Your employee experience solutions should be easy to implement, easy to operate, and easy to manage. For too long, employees have been tethered to systems that don’t reflect when and how they want to work.

With our user-friendly, cost-efficient approach you can communicate with your employees in the applications and processes they already have.




Find the right modern intranet solution for your organization. Download the Modern Intranet Buyer's Guide.

“Push beyond the constraints of SharePoint and create a highly attractive and personalized experience."


Unify your workforce under a single mission, vision, and culture.

  • Total visual control with no design limitations
  • Deliver hyper-personalized messaging to every employee
  • Integrate across your technology systems, including HRIS and workforce management.
  • Simple content management and publishing capabilities 
  • Multilingual support
  • Best-in-class onboarding and offboarding experiences
  • Native mobility with full and conditional access
  • Enable content managers to build and launch sites
  • One-touch site deployment with brand control
  • Multi-channel and multi-experience content delivery, including your digital workplace/intranet, mobile app, email, alerts and digital signage
  • Content approval workflows, advanced analytics and and custom dashboards 
  • Integration with chatbot technologies
  • Target content and experiences to every user
  • Supports multiple content types, including static images and videos
  • Seamless content management in any language
  • Build process flows like onboarding and relocation
  • Define and manage users, permissions and personas
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Award-winning modern intranet and employee experience platform.

1 Personalization

Modern Intranet

Join our 7+ million users and start sharing your company news, announcements and updates in one place today.

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2 Content Managemnet

Digital Employee Hub

Bring all communications together in one place for your employees to access anytime, anywhere.

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3 Team Communication

Newsletter Engine

Send targeted and personalized email newsletters to even the hardest-to-reach employees.

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4 Productivity & Collaboration

Broadcast Center

Drive targeted multi-channel messaging across modals, alerts, notifications, SMS text, and email.

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5 Wellness & Culture

Employee Journey Engine

Quick and easy access to all the necessary documents and information they need throughout their employee journey.

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6 Mobility & Frontline Workers

Universal Inbox Engine

Engineer the best universal inbox for your business, linking up to the platforms and tools your employees already use.

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