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SharePoint Intranet Examples To Inspire and Delight

Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most powerful intranet tools on the market. For many organizations, a SharePoint intranet is the single most visited site their employees access. One of the most frequent requests we get here at Akumina is to see SharePoint intranet examples from our clients.

With a modern intranet built on SharePoint, organizations are able to share content to inform employees, create engaging digital workspaces, and facilitate collaboration and teamwork.

Here are a few SharePoint intranet examples that have proven to boost employee engagement, productivity, and overall digital experience.

SharePoint Intranet with Enterprise Search

Hines is one of the largest real estate organizations in the world. Hines is also an organization that has maintained a strong focus on employee engagement throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. 

One of the most important assets that Hines invested in is their SharePoint intranet, leveraging Akumina.

In this SharePoint intranet example, you'll see features like enterprise search (the "Google effect"), personalized content and design, and interactive features like photo sharing and threaded discussions. And as far as SharePoint intranet examples go, this one is absolutely one worth investigating.

Take a look at the quick video below, and to hear an in-depth description of each feature, and see additional features Hines is using, watch our webinar with Lori Rucker, Solutions Architect at Hines.

Custom Branding for Maximum Engagement

Church’s Chicken is a chain of quick service restaurants (QSR) specializing in fried chicken in more than 26 countries in the U.S., Asia, Middle East and the Americas. With more than 1,700 locations worldwide, and a variety of employees from corporate knowledge workers to franchise owners to restaurant staff, consistent and prevalent branding was a high priority for Church's. As you can see, this SharePoint intranet example is one of our most visually appealing to date.


SharePoint intranet example
Church's Chicken is an excellent example of a branded SharePoint intranet


Several years ago, the organization’s intranet was a bare-bones, outdated form of Microsoft SharePoint. The team at Church's, in partnership with Akumina, took their SharePoint intranet to the next level. Now, representatives in HR and Internal Communications can easily update content without help from site managers in IT. As you can see in the example above, there is consistent and eye-catching branding throughout the experience, and engagement is higher than ever.

This particular project is a fantastic example of teamwork as well, as the intranet was built and is maintained by the HR, IT, and Internal Communications team, who were recognized for their focus on employee experience.

Well done, Church's!

The SharePoint Intranet of the Future

This particular example of a SharePoint intranet showcases one of our most popular features, called Intelligent Activity Streams.

Using Intelligent Activity Steams, you can create a collaborative workspace in an infinite scroll interface like the ones we're all familiar with on our social media platforms. With content sharing, threaded conversations, and subscriptions to specific content types, you'll be able to implement true multi-directional communication between your business and your entire workforce.

Plus, you can integrate with all of the third-party systems you use on a daily basis. So you can see a high-level view of your entire workday in one place, and easily click to complete tasks as needed.


SharePoint intranet example


Hopefully, as the title promised, these SharePoint intranet examples did, in fact, inspire and delight you.

For a personalized demo to learn how Akumina can help you build the SharePoint intranet you need, don't hesitate to reach out.