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SPARK Matrix: Intranet Platform Providers, 2022 Report

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions conducted an in-depth analysis of the major intranet platform vendors based on their product portfolio, market presence, and customer value proposition. Download the report for full access and a look at Akumina's performance.

In the latest report, SPARK Matrix conducted research about the major intranet platform providers in the market today. With information from expert interviews, analysis of use cases, and Quadrant’s internal analysis of the overall Intranet Platform Providers market, the analysis provides a snapshot and visual representation of key market participants.

The report lends strategic insights on how each vendor ranks related to their competitors based on their respective technology excellence and customer impact parameters.

According to the SPARK Matrix analysis of the global Intranet Platform Providers market, “Akumina, with robust functional capabilities of its intranet platform, has secured strong ratings across the performance parameters of technology excellence and customer impact and has been positioned amongst the technology leaders in the 2022 SPARK Matrix of the Intranet Platform Providers market.”

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SPARK Matrix: Intranet Platform Providers, 2022

A quick look at Akumina's positioning in the report:

  • Akumina’s employee experience platform connects teams to businesses, their tasks, and each other. It enables employees to do their best work in a vibrant and connected digital workplace experience. Akumina unifies the workforce under a single mission, vision, and culture. The key features of Akumina are personalization, content management, corporate communication, productivity and collaboration, wellness and culture, mobility and frontline workers, design and user experience (UX), integration, and enterprise search.
  • The personalization capability of Akumina helps to target content and experiences to every member of the team. Personalization brings to the fore one-to-one and one-to-many communications at the fingertips. It helps to combine content items, pages, page versions, navigation elements, collaboration tools, and even complete design or brand experiences for various persona groups.
  • Akumina makes work relevant to employees by providing persona-driven experiences by consolidating information about employees living in siloed locations to build universal profiles, personalizing experiences based on employee attributes such as location or job function, segmenting based on employee types such as new hire, frontline worker, and consultant, and targeting layouts and integrations based on relevant tools and programs.


  • Akumina’s content management services keep sites fresh with tools to easily manage, edit, and distribute content. Akumina has an intuitive interface design for streamlined content editing. Akumina’s content management capability enables content managers and editors to easily create, duplicate, translate, and reuse content; quickly build new sites and pages from dynamic, pre-built templates, or customized from scratch; and enjoy streamlined content editing with no coding experience. It also provides drag-and-drop functionality and automatic publishing updates. Dashboards help content managers get a full picture of their content health by providing details of actionable data in one place.
  • The corporate communication functionality of Akumina keeps team members updated with personalized communications irrespective of their location. It keeps the teams up-to-date and engaged with the latest, most relevant company news through its curated content distribution and content experience. It also promotes interaction and engagement among employees by allowing team members to ask questions, and like, love, or celebrate company or individual updates.

“Akumina is an employee experience platform that delivers an employee intranet experience that is simple, innovative, and intuitive. It is a modern intranet solution that is easy to implement, operate, and manage. It can also be tailored to meet the needs of individual organizations.”

- SPARK Matrix™: Intranet Platform Providers 2022