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Communicating and collaborating with part-time and seasonal front-line workers

The workforce swells to well over 1,000 workers spread out over Fenway Park, and on their feet in front-line, customer-service capacities during games, concerts, and functions, but then shrinks to 350 more administrative or office workers during the offseason. The Red Sox needed to create a personalized, mobile digital workplace for a wide range of employee experiences, from baseball operations to hospitality to business, marketing and sales, to human resources and more.

Home Plate, a mobile-optimized digital hub for the Red Sox, connects every worker, seasonal and year-round, to an engaging employee experience platform with two-way communications and content management, as well as secure integrations with key applications every employee needs to do their jobs.

Boston Red Sox

“From groundkeepers, to ballpark operations, and security, and fan services, and client services, and ticket takers, and greeters, and technology, and security, and – there’s probably some 20 or so departments that have to work together in a very collaborative manner.”"

Brian Shield | CIO, Boston Red Sox


with Brian Shield, CIO, Boston Red Sox

About 350 year-round and more than 1,000 seasonal, day-of-game employees interact with the mobile-friendly digital workplace.

There are two main ways employees interact – as a resource for the communications and collaboration to do their jobs, and as content providers and folks who update the site. First, they use the site as a service for employees. They communicate about benefits, or time off, tickets, projects, department-specific information, etc. They educate themselves about products, menus, services, or even history of the ballpark so they can serve customers. They also share content from photographers, baseball operations, public relations, historians, statisticians, HR, and other departments with each other.

Must-haves included a way to effectively communicate and share information with a diverse and frequently mobile staff, improve collaboration, and a way to provide a digital workplace platform and support for a growing workforce.

he Red Sox launched a digital employee hub for every staff member. Home Plate is both mobile-friendly and an intuitive user experience for accessing game-related details, launching key applications, and allowing employees to stay informed with communication on everyday updates, all within a secure environment. The Red Sox met their goals of connecting and informing employees, productivity soared, and the Akumina EXP has proven to have the flexibility needed to meet evolving changes within the organization. “(Before Akumina) our site content was flat, it wasn’t very dynamic, it required IT interaction to make it robust, and it really wasn’t a priority. In many ways it was a landing page and a launch site for other applications and it kind of performed that job adequately,” Shield said. Now, Home Plate is a thriving digital hub. Previous incarnations relied on more of a push model, heavily dependent on email. Now their redesigned and reimagined Akumina site is moving toward a pull model that effectively serves a broad range of employees with information and content flowing to and from, seamlessly, Shield said.