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Modern Intranet

Join our 7+ million users and start creating personalized, adaptive and integrated employee experiences.

A modern intranet is a digital platform or network that facilitates efficient communication, collaboration, and information sharing within an organization.

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Our mix of out-of-the-box modern intranet features, combined with a platform approach allows our customers to extend, advance and evolve their intranet solution.  

Akumina focuses on empowering communications professionals to do their job better, faster and easier. We partner with your internal IT and HR teams to ensure that your intranet solution has a meaningful impact on how all employees get their work done - from your CEO to your frontline remote workers and everyone in between.


Enable their best work

Create seamless personalized journeys that enable your employees to access the most relevant information for them. You can focus on more than just delivering news - deliver the information that every employee needs to be more productive, from their first day of work to their last.

Facilitate collaboration across projects, content, documents and more from wherever, whenever with Akumina’s approach to content management and platform integrations.


Modern Intranet Buyer's Guide: Choosing the Right Fit for Your Organization

Communicate more effectively

Measure the engagement and reach of your news, alerts and messages to employees across your organization. Akumina gives you the freedom to customize journeys, designs and content to improve again, and again, and again. 

Every moment that matters for each employee is an interaction and an opportunity to create a more productive, more collaborative and more efficient worker - unifying your organization and igniting your innovation.


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