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Keep your site fresh with an intranet CMS tool to help you easily manage, edit and distribute content.

Intuitive interface design for streamlined content editing.

Easily create, duplicate, translate and reuse content with our intranet CMS. New sites and pages can be build quickly from dynamic, pre-built templates, or customized from scratch.

  • Content managers and editors enjoy streamlined content editing with no coding experience required.
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Automatic publishing updates 

Make work relevant to your employees with powerful persona-driven experiences.

  • Consolidate information about employees living in siloed locations to build universal profiles.
  • Personalize experiences based on employee attributes such as location or job function.
  • Segment based on employee types such as new hire, frontline worker, consultant, etc. 
  • Targeted layouts and integrations based on relevant tools and programs. 

The ultimate tool for internal communications

The Broadcast Center is the ultimate communications tool to quickly and accurately target messages across your business. The sleek design tool allows you to...

  • Create a custom message and include any additional media - like links, images, or videos
  • Select the audience for your message based on any attribute – location, language, job function, or even a customized persona
  • Send with any combination of channels to match the urgency of your message – SMS text, email, alert, or homepage takeover

Sites tailored to your team, wherever they are.

Powerful native localization and multilingual capabilies that includes a built-in integration with Microsoft Translate. Enable your team to accelerate its overall publication and translation process with ML capabilities.

  • Full localization of buttons, labels and other static elements
  • Tailored content and design for individual locations 

Actionable data all in one place.

Content managers no longer need to search in multiple locations to get a full picture of their content health, workflows, and engagements. Dashboards can be configured by role and allow users to:

  • Understand what users area searching for to create additional content/FAQs
  • Monitor when content will expire to flag for review, refresh or archive.
  • See reactions, top pages, and top users 

Get the latest digital workplace trends and data with The 2023 State of the Digital Workplace & Modern Intranet results webinar.

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Employee Experience Academy: Church's Chicken

"Successfully delivering a better experience for our employees with a more robust intranet was possible only through the partnership between our Communications and IT teams working collaboratively with Akumina to build a truly scalable digital solution for the organization."

Joe Christina | Chief Executive Officer, Church's Chicken
new GSK
3 Red Sox
4 Unilever
5 Vodafone
6 Dept of Defense
7 Metlife
8 Syngenta
9 Crocs
10 Chevron

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