Collaboration Engine

Work Smarter Together

Akumina’s Employee Experience Platform (EXP) connects all components of project management – from tasks, milestones, conversations, documents, and more – together into a single user experience in your modern intranet. Enterprise collaboration, made simple.

Make Quick Work of Teamwork

  • Collaborate with your entire team by sharing ideas and promoting discussion right inside your modern digital workplace.
  • End unfocused free-for-alls by organizing your brainstorming and creative flow in a structured, task-driven employee experience environment.
  • Create a cure for institutional memory loss by sharing knowledge, best practices and tried-and-true processes that are immune to turnover.

Be a Pro at Process

  • Hit milestones by creating easy-to-follow, centralized timelines for tasks within your modern intranet.
  • Manage your workflow in real time without having to jump between multiple apps, chat tools, and email.
  • Get the right people involved for specific tasks at specific times in an entity-based or collaborative work management process.



Single-Pane-of-Glass Experience

  • Instead of a slew of separate tools and interfaces, Akumina’s smart-widget technology brings every element together for full user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) configuration, allowing companies to build directly around collaboration.
  • Collaborate from any device. Akumina’s seamless, mobile-first framework allows content publishers to create content, manage pages, and send notifications from anywhere.
  • Communicate in real time, all the time, so team members aren’t left in a holding pattern for important information that has stalled their progress.

Work at a Global Scale

  • Akumina supports more than 210 languages for a truly multilingual and multimarket approach to your modern intranet and collaboration software.
  • Nothing slows down a global enterprise like a disconnected workplace and disparate tools. Make your project management and global collaboration effortless for more enriching employee experiences.