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5 Must-Haves for Employee Collaboration Software

The best thing you can be doing for your employees is providing them with the proper collaboration tools. However, you also can’t expect all of your employees to engage with everything your company has to share. As an industry leader in employee experience platforms we have listened to what a lot of employees at many companies are looking for from their intranet.

Employee Collaboration Software Must-Haves:

  • Persona Builders
  • Centralized Notifications
  • Social Intranet
  • Activity Stream
  • Single Pane of Glass Experience

Let’s take a deeper dive into these different items.

Persona Builder

Whether it be different job levels, functions or departments, a persona builder ensures the right content is being shown to the right employees at the right time. A VP and an analyst may be on the same projects, but they shouldn’t expect to have the same experience or see the same items. Personalizing employee experiences is key to improving engagement.

Centralized Notifications

We don’t just mean notifications from 10 different applications. Centralizing notifications allows employees to have to log into only one system and receive all important messages and action items to help them do their job more efficiently. Whether it be through your intranet site or leveraging your intranet right in Microsoft Teams, you have never had so much control over notifications before. Know who is opening your notifications and who still hasn’t viewed your information.

Social Intranet

In a recent whitepaper we discussed the innovation gap between what people experience in their work life compared to their personal lives. Social media is a big aspect of most of our daily lives. Implementing a similar innovative experience that reflects social media in your intranet will provide a seamless transition from one platform to another and will help employee engagement.

Activity Streams

Have you heard about our new intelligent activity streams? They will allow your employees to stay up to date on the latest changes, recent news, important meetings, organizational updates, and more. All of this is compiled into your intranet leveraging persona builders.

Single Pane of Glass Experience

Stop worrying about dozens of different log ins, URLs, and systems to get used to and remember. A single pane of glass experience allows employees to access all of their work applications from one screen that lives in your digital workplace.

Ready to learn more? We’re here for you! Request a quick demo today to see all these features and more.