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Akumina Aligns More Closely with Microsoft with Enhanced Integration of Intelligent Activity Streams Inside Microsoft Teams

NASHUA, N.H. – Feb. 2, 2021 - Akumina, the leading global Employee Experience Platform (EXP) software provider and one of INC Magazine’s Top 200 fastest growing companies in North America, announced today that they have deepened their integration capabilities with Microsoft Teams, further strengthening their alignment with invested partner, Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT).

“For many organizations, remote work is here to stay; and businesses need a digital workplace hub to connect their distributed workforces,” said David Maffei, President and Co-Founder of Akumina. “On their October earnings call, Microsoft shared that there are more than 115 million daily active users counting on Microsoft Teams as their primary collaboration tool. We were able to anticipate the growth trend in Microsoft and in Teams, specifically, and invested heavily in ensuring that our software can work seamlessly with or even inside of Microsoft Teams.”

The most recent Akumina release has been hailed as their most prolific yet, with features like Intelligent Activity Streams, which surfaces interactive information from hundreds of supported application integrations, all in an infinite-scroll, Facebook-like interface. Users receive sponsored communications from their employer through intelligent content targeting, engage socially with colleagues, subscribe to personally-relevant content, and provide feedback directly to their leadership team, all within their personalized Intelligent Activity Stream, which now can also reside within Microsoft Teams.

In a recent webinar presented by Akumina, Akumina demonstrated Intelligent Activity Streams and Microsoft Teams working together to deliver next-gen productivity to global workforces. The result was a digital workplace hub that can serve as command center for all of an employees’ daily activity.

“Akumina has revolutionized the digital workplace, and it’s all available inside of Microsoft Teams, which is where more than 115 million people are already doing most of their work,” said Chris Crombie, Executive Vice President of Sales and Alliances at Rightpoint, a Genpact company. “Now, not only can employees see information that they need, but they can also actually interact with it by leaving comments, sharing sentiment reactions, and even completing a task in an external application without ever leaving their Akumina Intelligent Activity Stream.”

Akumina has received recognition from organizations like Forrester Research, ClearBox Consulting, The Tech Tribune, and CIO Review and has partnered with industry leaders such as Avanade, the leading digital innovator in the Microsoft ecosystem. 

About Akumina

Akumina is the employee experience platform that empowers global enterprises to quickly create personalized digital experiences that help every employee in every role work smarter, not harder. By offering a customizable, brandable and multilingual platform that seamlessly integrates with leading enterprise cloud applications, Akumina delivers a contextual, collaborative, and engaging workplace experience to every user on any device. Akumina’s customers include Whole Foods Market, GlaxoSmithKline, Vodafone, the Boston Red Sox and the Department of Defense.