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Akumina Launches Revolutionary Globalization Support For Microsoft Customers

Nashua, NH - March 23, 2017 – Akumina Inc., the leading provider of employee experience software solutions, today announced the addition of a revolutionary multilingual and multicultural capability to its latest software release. This addition will empower system integrators, developers, internal communication managers and content authors alike with intuitive tools and flexible options for deploying multilingual experiences and communications across global organizations that leverage the Microsoft technology stack.

The release of Akumina v3.4 includes new enhancements to the Akumina platform and multilingual support for over 205 IETF languages. Unlike most software platforms, Akumina’s approach to multilingual support goes well beyond content and includes multilingual support within each of the software’s management and presentation frameworks. This level of support allows Akumina to deliver the right content in the right language as well as delivering unique experiences per employee, per product, per content set and per language, enabling a truly multicultural experience. Organizations can design different behaviors and functionality per language as they may relate to the experiences one may expect to match the needs of a specific culture.

“What Akumina built in this latest release is what the Microsoft community has been waiting on for years. The ability to provide different experiences to employees related to a specific language is groundbreaking for global organizations” said David Barter, Practice Director – Microsoft Technology at LogicsOne, a division of GreenPages. “This is the first truly enterprise solution available for global Microsoft customers and partners who have spent years struggling with the capabilities of Variations.”

From a management standpoint, the software delivers the ability to build personalized multilingual experiences in a manner that is simplified for developers, administrators, content editors and the intended audience. Multiple languages can be configured all within one front-end experience, removing the need and management overhead of multiple dedicated sites per language and simplifying the experience for building multilingual intranets, digital dashboards and portals.

Akumina’s globalization capabilities allow the subscriber to create and manage multilingual and multicultural versions of their Akumina powered web property. This includes support for over 205 IETF languages and full Unicode support for both managed content and static site items when creating new multilingual sites or add multilingual to existing sites. Akumina’s globalization support also includes support for language specific presentation capabilities allowing the site to be tailored to the currently active language as well as supporting separate localized media.

“Akumina is committed to providing the best experiences for developers, administrators, content authors and site visitors.” stated Jason Arden, Akumina’s VP of Engineering. “We continue this commitment with our approach to multilingual in the 3.4 release. From the framework improvements for the developers, to the intuitive multilingual content management for the content editors, we believe this release truly empowers our clients to implement compelling and engaging modern intranet and portal experiences.”

About Akumina

Akumina provides our partners and customers with a digital workplace platform that delivers a contextual and personalized digital experience and transforms how employees work, collaborate and innovate. Akumina's clients include Walt Disney Corporation, iRobot, The World Trade Center and the Department of Defense.