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If you have SharePoint or Viva Connections, see what your Intranet is missing in 2023

SharePoint can only provide so much. Download this webinar recording to learn how adding the Akumina platform can enhance your current SharePoint investment.

Duration: 45 mins + 15 mins Q&A

For over a decade, Microsoft SharePoint has been the default intranet for organizations looking to digitally connect their employees.  However, the workplace has changed drastically in the past decade, especially in the last three years, and Microsoft struggles to keep up with the innovation needed in the digital workplace.
One could say Viva Connections is the latest and greatest from Microsoft, but when broken down, Connections is simply a re-boxing of SharePoint Modern that promises capabilities punching far above its weight. Microsoft continues to recycle old, clunky solutions.
In 2021, Akumina started a journey to give employees what they didn't even know they needed – a transformation of the core Akumina platform to enable and empower content creators and owners to like never before.

“We do the work we do because we strongly believe there is a better modern intranet platform than what is available with Viva Connections or some of our other commercial competitiors," said CEO, Ed Rogers. "Employees are frustrated with working with the bare bones and we believe they deserve better. Our team continually iterates and goes above and beyond to provide organizations with first-class experiences. With Akumina’s latest release (Project Voice), there is truly an employee experience that delivers everything global enterprises have been looking for but have never been able to achieve."

Ed Rogers | CEO, Akumina

With the addition with the latest features from Akumina, you can leverage your current SharePoint site and provide a comprehensive digital workplace for ALL of your workers, no matter where in the world they are. 

Join us for a demo to see how incorporating AkuminaEXP into your tech stack will maximize adoption, satisfaction, and collaboration in your digital workplace.  Here’s how:

  • A world-class Editorial Experience that makes content authoring seamless and elegant for your communications team.
  • With Akumina’s Communication and Social Collaboration capabilities, content authors can deliver personalized, targeted and relevant content across any channel at any time.  Our new feature, Broadcast Center, allows for targeted messages and alerts to be distributed via homepage modal, alerts, banners, even SMS text and newsletters.
  • With integrated Media Gallery and Asset Features, access media across collections, galleries, and edit in-platform. 
  • Limitless Design and UX Possibilities provide total visual control, meaning that any design and any user experience can be brought to life on the Akumina canvas, without the help from IT. 
  • Productivity and Engagement are enhanced as the practice of context switching is reduced.  AkuminaEXP centralizes content, information, and action-steps for your employees from any system, in any language, and on any canvas.  Akumina delivers seamless and secure integrations leveraging existing investments in cloud technology and custom apps. 
  • Akumina’s Global Cloud delivers secure, scalable, and fully-managed applications including performance monitoring, patches, and upgrades and more with Global Scale and Performance 

Join us on April 27th to learn what your intranet is capable of in 2023.

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Transform your digital workplace experience.

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